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Apr 6, 2015
Just the last month to go until we usher in the new year!
Can’t believe we are already in December lol.

Another exercise Challenge for me again….
What did everyone else get this time around?


arc of the universe

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Jan 11, 2023
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.37.24.jpeg.png

this month's Challenge tells me that there is a decided preference for closing all 3 rings on the same day.
during November in my workouts i personally opted to concentrate on different factors (like getting in more equivalent Flights on one day, but not caring about total Exercise time; or going for a new personal best Pace but not caring if i hit the total Exercise time). so on a lot of days there was one ring left unclosed.

the Challenge God doesn't seem to like that.
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Jul 12, 2004
I got the same as you except only 6 runs. Wish they'd given me a bit more of a challenge tbh, all of them this year have felt a bit too easy!
I'm happy for 5min run 8 times as the rest of the year was
NOV 208 exercise min/day 14 times
OCT 1015 kilocal/day 14 times
SEP 10.7 miles/day 14 times
AUG move goal 12 times
JUL 10.83 miles/day 14 times
JUN 1036 kilocal/day 14 times
MAY 166 excercise min/day 14 times
APR 942 kilcal/day 14 times
MAR all 3 rings 28 times
FEB 10.3 miles/day 14 times
JAN 210 exercise min/day 14 times
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