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Dell U2717D or LG 27UD68?

  • Dell U2717D

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  • LG 27UD68

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Sep 20, 2008
Hello all,

So after a long time looking into monitors within my price range I have narrowed it down between the Dell U2717D ($440 on Amazon) or the LG 27UD68 ($400 at Best Buy). I will be using one of them with my late 2013 rMBP and 2014 Mac Mini (so no 4k at 60hz, although the Dell is only 2560x1440). The Dell has more inputs, looks nicer on a desk, and is highly adjustable. However, the LG is 4k (which maybe I'd be able to take advantage of in the future). There are specs in the links, but if anyone knows a thing or two about monitors, or has any experience with either (or both), would you mind chiming in? Right now the LG is $100 off at Best Buy so time is of the essence.

I like the slim bezels on both.

I will be using this for construction plan takeoffs (24" x 36" docs), the MS Office Suite, email, working on my business' website and creating marketing material. Nothing too crazy. It will also be used by my wife for very general computing purposes.

I added a poll for the heck of it, but advice would be most helpful.

Thanks for your input,

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Apr 20, 2015
I live in my own little World
I have the LG but 88 not 68, and I am very happy with it.
The USB Hub and multiple connectivity are a blessing, and being able to connect my ntbMBP and charge at the same time is great.
The split screen is also helpful when I have my MBP and my Linux Box side by side.
Just be aware, that the usb-c on the 88 only delivers 60w of power, but you are not planning to use a 2016 MBP anyways.
Great refresh rate even with hdmi (2.0) on the 88.
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Aug 22, 2009
I picked up 2 of the 27UD68's at best buy for $329 each. I had them match a Frys/Amazon price. Even though its not up to the "retina" dot pitch of the LG 5K, its still pretty nice (and a whole hellavua lot cheaper), im using them on a non MacOS rig, because hooked up to my TB1 MBPr, i only got 30hz. Waiting on a new MP, iMac, or Kabylake MBP. Something go get me up to TB3.
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