Developers Account expired, 6.0b4 expired, bricked device?


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Feb 16, 2010

My iPad is a bit bricked and for the following reason;

I've been a iOS developer for the past two years, developing some in-house apps for entreprises. This year I did not extend my developers account, because I'm now attending engineering school (change of interests ;) ) Hence, my account expired september 1, when my personal iPad (stupid, I know) was running iOS 6.0 b4.

Days after Apple released iOS 6.0, I decided to check the OtA-update on the iPad, which said that I was running the latest possible version of iOS, so I didn't bother anymore.

Last night I was reading an e-book, when all of a sudden: APPLE LOGO, ACTIVATION REQUIRED!

Activation doesn't work (servers unreachable), manually restoring in iTunes doesn't work, DFU restoring doesn't work (device is not eligible or something), xcode restoring doesn't work...

Me thinks this is a ****** situation.

Does anyone have experience with this matter?

I am willing to extend my Developers account if this helps but I'm not professionally developing anymore, so I need to be 100% sure spending 100 dollars is gonna solve this..

Thanks in advance ;)

fat jez

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Jun 24, 2010
Glasgow, UK
have you ever used Tiny Umbrella? It changes the IP addresses of the activation servers, which may be blocking you.

You should be able to put it into DFU mode and connect it to any copy of iTunes and it should then download the firmware and install it.


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Feb 19, 2005
I had this happen to me and I just had to restore my device to factory settings and then load the non-beta firmware. I had to manually choose the firmware I wanted though, if I recall. None of that works?


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Nov 10, 2008
Had this happen to several devices. Here's what fixed it:

Make sure is not in your HOSTS file.
Put device in DFU mode, click restore.
While iOS is downloading, restart device. Unplug and restart if you're really paranoid.
Restore fails.
Shift/Option (PC/Mac) click update, select the ipsw file that iTunes downloaded.
Update should go through, keeping all of your stuff.

I had to go through the above because simply downloading the .ipsw via my browser and pointing iTunes to it didn't work--said my device wasn't eligible for that build.


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Feb 16, 2010
Hey guys,

removing from the hosts file + entering DFU mode did the job. It ended up there when jailbreaking my iPhone the other day.

Thanks a lot :)


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Mar 28, 2011
Is there anywhere where i can download iPad iOS 6, i've had the same problem as the OP but my iTunes freaks out if I try to back up and restore?!? ......[EDIT] just put it in DFU mode and it seems to have done the trick!
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