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    Nov 4, 2014
    Thought came to me, around all of the mobile devices I've owned over thirteen years and trying to go back and name them: Might be interesting to post all the Apple/non-Apple phones you've owned here (that you can recall), and relate anything notable about them.

    2001 - Nokia 5110


    Identical to the middle faceplate. It stayed mostly in my glovebox turned off, surviving in direct violation of the laws of thermodynamics. Like everyone who owned a pre-bloat brick cell phone with a goofy little antenna, I have a certain amount of nostalgia for it, but would probably dread life with it today. Or else I'd carry more magazines and books. My social life would be limited because I'd slam straight into fewer people.

    In any case it's the reason half of my phone contacts are in ugly block capitals.

    2003 - Nokia 3595


    Mine eventually got customized with clear buttons. From back when the kiosks in the mall that now peddle rubber cases would sell the equivalent of Altezza taillights, stick-on portholes, and car bras for phones that were, in retrospect capable of doing basically nothing. They were equivalent to Hyundai before Hyundai actually sort of started marketing somewhat desirable cars. Why anyone cared about those things is a mystery to me, looking back on it, but having a totally stock cell phone at that moment seemed like it was going to keep me from getting hand jobs, or else functioned as a secondary vent for my paranoia.

    2005 - Motorola v551


    First phone from the era when phones started being able to do 'more', and less well at that; I fricking hated it. This time period people first started texting me, and I didn't like that, not at all; never got around to actually texting anyone back til I had a full keyboard. Plus side, I had a lot of interesting conversations on this particularly and had it when I met my wife; as a negative it would power off if I ever slapped it shut. I had to very gently close it, so I couldn't be too mad at her or else she'd try to call me back and get my Voicemail. And I never checked that either.

    2007 - Samsung BlackJack


    I miss this thing; it was made out of soft touch plastic, and felt like a bald or shaved dog's stomach. Unlike any iPhone, its potential energy doesn't carry it immediately toward the ground on anything with less friction than mud. It had clever ideas that went nowhere, like two switchable batteries (of different physical sizes and theoretical capacity, and having separate back-covers even to accommodate), and a separate charger for easy switching, and came with a Bluetooth headset that stopped working after about a week. The keyboard also got very stiff and stopped working for about a month, before bouncing straight back.

    I got this thinking that it would beat an iPhone purely by having 3G connectivity. I was pretty wrong about that, but it introduced me to having a somewhat useable internet and keyboard interface and I was satisfied. The Windows Phone 5 install on it eventually got really corrupt and put my texts and call history non-sequential. Also the last one that said Cingular on it.

    2009 - 3Gs

    My first iPhone! Talking about it will be boring other than to say that at a certain stage, it would only charge when switched off; wish I hadn't figured that out, I could have justified a new phone :p It was during the update immediately prior to being able to update iOS OTA, so I was stuck in iOS whatever land. As a consequence, this phone is a bit fast and smooth to this day, when I fire it up. I gave it to my wife to use as an iPod at some point where she had a dumbphone. Power button broke off at that point.

    2011 - iPhone 4

    Full of disappoint; Never liked the way the thing ran compared to the 3Gs, and realized that 90% of the time I'm in no shape for anyone to look at, so a front facing camera/Facetime are useless. The home button never really worked properly. Eventually the volume button broke too and I lost all respect for it, then iOS 7 ...

    Chocolate got in the headphone jack; was a boring day or two at the gym, til it melted out. It became sketchy with charging (not to the degree that my 3GS was), so I sprayed contact cleaner in the charge jack, didn't solve the problem and created a large blotch on the screen; kept the screen on full blast bright overnight in a bucket of rice, cured.

    Well I suppose it was pretty durable aside from the hardware/buttons. Never had a case, and it has not a scratch on it, but for a small ding in the plastic screen liner thing from falling from an RV to asphalt (at a gas station on top of big Sur, paying ten bucks a gallon or so iirc).

    I held onto it longer than I wanted to, as I kept being disappointed by subsequent phones, and kept telling myself to wait. I never really reached a point where I thought the next one was 'genuinely better,' but at some point 'better' just meant 'faster/useable' so...

    2014 - iPhone 5s


    It's glorious to me, because it's the first phone that I've used that was genuinely aligned with my interpretations of "smooth" and "fast"; so it's staying on 7.1.2 . Not really sorry yet that I didn't wait another couple months for a 6 or 6+ , as this one is sized perfectly to fit in the ash tray of my car.
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    Oct 14, 2011
    Motorola STARTAC - 1997
    Paid almost a grand to be able to communicate without using a payphone.

    Nokia 3210 - 1999
    God I loved playing Snake on this

    Nokia 3310 - 2001

    Sony Ericsson T68i (with the detachable VGA camera that rendered 1 FPS) - 2002

    Nokia 7650 - 2003
    Regretted buying this phone pretty much a week into using it.

    Nokia 6600 - 2003
    One of my all time favorite phones. Felt like a tank in my hands.

    Nokia 7610 - 2004
    Really liked the look of this phone but had to give it away because typing on it made me want to rip my hair out.

    Motorola RAZR - 2005
    Hands down the sexiest phone ever made. I still use this from time to time when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic.

    Nokia N80 - 2006

    iPhone 2G - 2007
    The phone that changed it all.

    Blackberry Bold 9000 - 2008
    My foray into the dark side.

    Blackberry Torch 9800 - 2010
    Got 4 replacements of this phone in the year I owned it.

    iPhone 4S - 2011

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - 2013
    Had a taste of Android and I did not like it very much.

    iPhone 6+ - 2014
    Welcome to the present.

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    Dec 9, 2012
    Pretty sure these are in the right order and I'm not leaving anything out.

    Generic 90s Pager

    I decided to go all the way back to my first "communication device". I got this in 10th grade once I had friends who could drive and we frequently went "out" on the weekends to the movies, bowling, each other's houses, etc. and my parents wanted to be able to maintain some kind of contact with me.


    Alphanumeric Pager

    I got this thing while I was in high school. I think I paid $35/month for the service and it gave me news, weather, sports, and stock updates. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world.


    Nokia 5110 (everyone had these right?). I remember when people replaced just about every part on these things to customize them - antenna with lights, battery pack with light, faceplates, keypads.


    Motorola V220

    I was so excited to get a camera and speakerphone on my phone. I thought being able to close the phone and continue the conversation was going to be the greatest thing in the world.


    Motorola SLVR

    I wanted this phone strictly because it was advertised as being a usable MP3 player with iTunes. I ended up using iTunes on it once before rooting it and getting a 3rd party app to upload music because iTunes took almost 1 minute to upload each song.


    Pantech Duo

    Except for my iPhones, I probably liked this phone the most. I could get to any function in a couple clicks and I could type texts super fast with the keyboard. Of course this was before internet access on cell phones and when I still placed voice calls regularly.


    Palm Treo 650

    My first foray into the world of smartphones. I was pumped up to be able to have the internet on my phone. I was going to surf all my favorite sites 24/7. The truth was a little different. I hated this phone with a passion. The OS was horribly slow, constantly froze, and the menu navigation was insanely complicated.


    iPhone 3G

    I held onto the Palm Treo until the iPhone 3G was released. I would have gotten the original iPhone but I couldn't accept the fact it wouldn't run at 3G speeds. This functioned the way I believed the Palm Treo would function. I could actually browse internet sites on my phone without wanting to throw my phone against the wall. I will admit it took me a while to get use to the lack of a physical keyboard.


    iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5

    Not linking pics because I think we all know what they look like.
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    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    To hard to list much less remember all. ;) Started with something like this in 1986:


    Then the first real innovation, expensive bag phone:

    To this (on the right):

    Then the following, while omitting several, a Sanyo, a Samsung:



    Then iPhones, starting with the 4s to the 6s, works of art. I know several people who have unsuccessfully tried to return to Android.

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    Jun 11, 2009
    i had two cell phones i liked

    one was the nokia 8890
    it was the matrix phone

    before the iPhone 4 i had the lg vu 920
    you could watch tv on it

    i started with a nokia 5190, and remember dreaming about the 6190, because it was more awesome because it had a real dial up modem.

    the nokia 5190 was the first phone i ever actually owned. i tried to go to the cellular one store and they wanted a deposit , so i tried cingular , and i stayed with them from 1999 to 2012

    when i worked at radio shack in the 80s we cut the resistor in our pro 3000 scanner so we could listen in on AMPS cell phones.

    i got a hd home run plus and a hd home run dual at my house connected to plex media server and now i can watch live tv on my iPad at another wifi location or cellular, and do not have to pay AT&T for tv!!! take that you F**Kers
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    Jun 11, 2009
    for a year or so i owned a palm viix. looking back i have no idea why i owned it. i must of been on drugs. it was a joke. you save your contacts to it and you could play games, but the funniest damn thing about it is you had to give it time to charge its internal battery to do wireless transactions. can you believe doing that now????

    can you imagine carrying your iPhone around, and you can't look up a web page, because you have to wait 5 minutes to charge its wireless transmitter?????

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