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Jul 9, 2001
I have $1600.

Plan A. Buy digital hub. Anyone know where I can get one? Didn't think so.

Plan B. Buy 1.4Ghz PC with latest games, opening a vast world of new software possibilities and ensuring I have the computer skills to work anywhere.

Plan C. Buy 700Mhz iMac with last years graphics card.

Hmm... Decisions, decisions.

Isn't it about time Apple started selling computers to the "rest of us"? I mean, those of us who would like a computer but aren't rich. Who have kids and mortgages. You know.... the crazy ones.... ;)

Steve makes computers for Steve. But Steve has his own jet. They wonder why 50% of people just won't buy a computer no matter how many whizz-bang gizmo's they whack in. Here's tip #1: You always keep the price the same.

Three year old iMac design? Need to improve sales? Whack another gizmo in it. Speed it up (but just a bit so we can sell faster ones next year). LCD? "Maybe but it'll eat into profits." Drop the price? "Are you CRAZY!!!"

The base model iMac has always been hobbled so that it's just out of spec for the latest games. Release a $600 iMac that can handle the Quake 3 engine and I'm there (with eight of my mates).

Release a slightly-bumped, same-priced iMac and you can go to hell. Seriously.


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Apr 9, 2001
I'm with you... unfortunately, I think a lot of people are.

Of note... Mac's have always been more expensive than their PC counterparts...

It does seem different now though...I'm not sure why... Perhaps the gap is widening... Hopefully, they'll try to close the gap some at the expo...

A Key point at this expo will be the entry level Tower. What will $1699 buy from Apple? Dual 733? Single 733?



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Jul 14, 2001
I agree, again

I just posted a long reply to a very similar subject so I won't repeat the whole thing again. To sum it up, I'm a Graphic Designer who uses Macs exclusively. I do have an iMac at home and I only really use it to practice what I do at work. Of course I do more than that but I don't make money off it, that's the bottom line. I need a new machine to replace my 333 iMac. I'm not going to buy a G4 because they are way out of my price range (and almost everyone I know agrees) but I would love a new iMac with or without an LCD. The problem is, I don't mind the CRT iMacs, they're still small quick and affordable, but, if Apple doesn't release the LCD iMac now it will within 3 months or so. Why pay for a new CRT iMac now just so in 3 months when the LCD comes out my "new" CRT can be clumped together into the "old" category and have it's value cut in half. Am I wrong to think this?
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