Disinfecting a Polyurethane Smart Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iSearch, Sep 16, 2017.

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    I have an iPad 4 in a gray Apple Polyurethane Smart Case and I would like to know the best and safest way to clean it and disinfect it without ruining the exterior material. It's not visibly dirty, just a little dusty and handled by others, which is why I would like to clean it and eliminate germs.
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    For the exterior side of the smart cover (i.e., the polyurethane side), use some good and clean microfiber cloths. Use the one with medium and short naps which are commonly found in multi-purpose MF. The ones from Costco would do it fine. Or ideally get a MF of smaller size (12"x12") from places such as the Rag Company or MicrofiberTech in US.

    Make them damp and wipe the surface. if it doesn't clean properly, you may apply some gentle multi-purpose cleaners for car detailing such as the one from Griot's which is safe for any kind of surfaces.
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    If your looking to sanitize the cover, 70% alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl) would be fine. If your really looking to disinfect (to which there would really be no need) then you can use Lysol/Clorox (benzalkonium chloride, not the bleach ones) wipes.

    Alcohol nor Lysol wipes will harm your case.
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    If it were me i’d make sure i rinse thoroughly after using these products so as not to have them coming into contact with the screen.

    if you want to disinfect you could always leave it out it in the sun for a bit.

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