Disney CEO Remembers Relationship with Steve Jobs

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    Today at the Hollywood Radio and Television Panel, Disney CEO and Apple board of directors member Bob Iger discussed his relationship with Steve Jobs, according to The Wrap.

    Jobs became Disney's largest shareholder after he sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion, which also set the stage for Disney's acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm later on. Iger recalled that the deal almost never happened because of Jobs' disagreements with previous Disney CEO Michael Eisner. When Iger took over, one of the first things he did was call Jobs.
    He asked Jobs if their relationship could be salvaged, but Jobs responded that he felt that Iger was just more of the same, although he agreed to talk anyway. The rest is history as Pixar was sold to Disney and Iger and Jobs' relationship, and by extension Disney and Apple's relationship, improved.

    Iger said Jobs was "relentlessly" honest and that he would call Jobs on Saturday nights to find out if the latest Disney movies "sucked." Iger went on to say that Jobs' directness was infectious and that he told Jobs how much Disney needed Pixar to improve its animation offerings. He later learned, after reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs, that Jobs had been impressed by Iger's honesty.

    Jobs has had a major impact in the world of animation as well as Disney and Pixar's fortunes. In November, Pixar named its main building after Jobs.

    Article Link: Disney CEO Remembers Relationship with Steve Jobs
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    In an ethereal plane of existence.
    $7.4 billion is good for a healthy relationship. :)
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    Though Steve was the majority shareholder, Pixar was publicly traded before it was acquired by Disney. Steve didn't come home with a check for $7.4B: just like any other shareholder, his PIXR shares became DIS shares (though those shares did become a bit more valuable on rumors of the sale).
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    Bob Iger is a great CEO, and glad to have him as a part of the Apple team.

    A note of interest: Iger bought $1 Million worth of AAPL shares when it was at $375 during the time it pulled back to the mid $300's in late 2011 from the $400+ area, with all the same fear mongering stories we have now.

    He just bought $1 Million more AAPL shares at $575-ish recently, before the stock started going downwards again.

    IMO if that's not a vote of confidence, then I don't know what is. A brilliant businessman and visionary like Iger doesn't do something like that for nothing.

    Then again, Wall Street punishes Apple for one of the most impressively performing quarters in corporate history while the stock is at a 10 P/E.... that's right, not a 100 P/E, but a 10 P/E (and a 6 when you back out cash), not to mention Apple's best quarter of all time, so it's all becoming clear who the "idiots" are.
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    Two CEO's, both at the top of their game, who appeared to have a genuine respect for each other, even more noteworthy as Steve was deep down, known to be scornful of many, who didn't see things his way.
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    "He asked Jobs if their relationship could be salvaged, but Jobs responded that he felt that Iger was just more of the same, although he agreed to talk anyway."

    Maybe they shouldve tried counceling?
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    Izzat more or less than the number who like jObs?
    Or do you mean liked in the Farcebook sense?
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    I know a half dozen folks who work for Disney Animation including my best friend. The technical differences in the animation are large and constantly changing and evolving, but the biggest change was cultural. Disney IS animation and storytelling is the key to its success. Pixar refocused itself then Disney on storytelling. The tools just widen the range of possibility to that end.

    With culture being the secret ingredient, it's no wonder Steve formed and emphasized Apple U at the C-suite level.


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    More evidence that Steve was a....lets put this nicely.. very outspoken person..
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    This is the key. Disney has gone through a bunch of phases with its animation, but the low points have usually come when the story just wasn't there. Pixar focused on making sure the story was there and the technology helped to tell the story, although I think they drifted a bit as well. Wall-E and UP seemed to be lacking, to me, but Brave was a return to a quality story.

    As part of the Pixar purchase, Iger was able to put John Lasseter in as Chief Creative Officer at Disney. Also a very smart move.
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    He called Steve after knowing that Steve would only sell PIXAR to Disney if Iger became the CEO. Whether Iger got the memo or it was handled by the Board and they never told him is irrelevant. It's good to see he already was going to call Steve ahead of time, without the prodding of the board [assuming one can buy his recollection of the past].

    The reason we know Steve's history is sound is because he promised Catmull and Lassetter that the deal wouldn't happen if Iger didn't become the CEO.
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    the multiverse portfolio they have assembled is beyond any monopoly I've ever imagined
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    Hey, I'd hit it. Rich, successful, and moderately attractive for a guy in his demographic. Yeah, I'd be his *****. (then again, I have no shame, just get me a black Amex, Range Rover HSE, Mercedes SL w/ driver, a townhouse, home in Tuscany...)
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    Who the hell took that crappy picture? I'm a rank amateur photographer, no doubt. But I know bad lighting when I see it. It's like a Two-Face or Do No Harm shot.
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    Jul 11, 2003

    How did the sale of Pixar set the stage for Disney's acquisition of Marvel and Lucasfilm?
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    Whoa .. not that it matters, but completely my opposite. I think Wall-E, UP, along with Ratatouille are the best movies made by Pixar. They have this less Disney and more Pixar in it. More story driven, touching and less childish. Continuing the legendary Finding Nemo.
    Brave is just meh with all the cliche characters. A bit too much Disney and girly like Tangled
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    I'll add to this by asking the obvious question Where were all these critics and analysts when the financial services industry was blowing the economy up 5+ years ago?? The next question is where do they get the stones to critique a guy who wlks onto a stage (either Jobs or Cook) show a new product and then sell tens of millions of units? They say that "those who can do" and "those who can't
    teach". Well to those old sayings we should add "and those who are afraid to try anything sit on the sidelines and whine".

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Very good question.

    Pixar's portfolio bumped Disney's street cred so the rest of the homies swore-in the UCC (United Creative Clan) without any hesitation.

    Now they control everything North of Animation & West of Script with style
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    Jul 11, 2003

    When I read that, I would have sworn Golson wrote it.
  22. Bill Killer macrumors 6502

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    God forbid Pixar fall back to Disney levels. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid are just too kiddyish.

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