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Apr 12, 2001

Disney+ is coming to Europe sooner than we thought. Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom will now get the streaming service on March 24, Disney revealed today.


Additional Western Europe markets, including Belgium, the Nordics, and Portugal, will follow in summer 2020, said the company in a press release. Disney+ is already available in the Netherlands, where it launched as a free pilot trial back in September.

The new launch date is a week earlier than was initially scheduled. In November, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the launch date for European markets would be March 31.

Pricing has also been confirmed at £5.99/EUR6.99 per month, or £59.99/EUR69.99 for an annual subscription. Disney+ will be available on Amazon Fire devices, LG and Samsung smart TVs, Roku's streaming devices, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and PS4 at launch.
Users will access high-quality and commercial-free viewing, up to four concurrent streams, unlimited downloads on up to ten devices, personalised recommendations, and the ability to set up to seven different profiles, including the ability for parents to set Kids Profiles that have an easy- to -navigate, child-friendly interface to access age-appropriate content.
Over 500 feature films and over 7,500 shows will be available on the service including new original content like the critically acclaimed "The Mandalorian" and "The World According To Jeff Goldblum," along with timeless classics like "Lady and the Tramp" and the entire Pixar library.

(Thanks, Ricardo!)

Article Link: Disney+ to Launch in Europe Ahead of Schedule on March 24
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Apr 12, 2015
wtf was looking forward to the end of march but have actually to wait until the summer!!
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May 28, 2009
Let's remember: Apple had revolutionised the music business and, against the marketing strategies of the past, has pushed it through with sensible prices and concepts. Apple is now extremely unagitated and very professional. I miss nothing.
AppleTV seems just as professional to me. Apple is trying to create best entertainment.
After Apple had created this new market, copycats like Amazon etc. came along. Did they really expand the product range?
The more providers share the market, the less money is available to create good products.
In a limited market competition spoils the quality of variety.
Besides, I don't believe anyone here who claims to use Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Disney+ , Sky TV at the same time.
Not even the unemployed have that much free time. And money.

The Phazer

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Oct 31, 2007
London, UK


Sep 15, 2016
Berlin, Germany
I already have the US version and realized that I haven’t used it in over a month. In the beginning i was super excited but there just aren’t enough originals or enough hours in a week to justify rewatching old stuff for nostalgia when I got a huge list of NEW stuff to catch up with on Netflix. Time to cancel it

Will there be any subtitles? Do USA one have captions?

Yes, a lot actually and many different dubs. Even castellano Spanish and Latin Spanish („Mexican“)
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Jul 7, 2008
Having had a ‘cheeky’ US Disney+ subscription since mid-December, I’ll be in on day 1 with an annual subscription for the UK Disney+ service. The Star Wars & MCU films in 4K + Dolby Vision/Atmos have been fantastic, and we’ve enjoyed the Original/Exclusive content such as the Imagineers documentary and Forky Asks A Question. Hopefully the 90s XMen animated series will come across from the US service. The £59 annual subscription is going to be a no-brainier for my Disney/SW/MCU obsessed family. Hopefully Greys Anatomy etc will also come to the UK service as NowTV is no longer worth out while without the ABC dramas and nothing much from HBO to make it worth our while.


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Oct 19, 2003
that town east of ann arbor
Besides, I don't believe anyone here who claims to use Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Disney+ , Sky TV at the same time.
Not even the unemployed have that much free time. And money.
I find it funny when people suddenly realize how many services they’re paying for and consider it a savings to cancel a few. Disney+ makes sense for children, or man-children. That said folks really shouldn’t be paying for more than 2 at a time. You can always put a service on hold when new content isn’t coming out.
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Jul 31, 2011
500 feature films and over 7,500 shows? Meanwhile at Apple TV...

i will take Apple TV+ with their tiny catalogue over Disney+ any day. i want new content, not something which i’ve seen many times already, there’s really nothing i want to watch from Disney+
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Mar 31, 2017
Disney+ has been a big disappointment to me. I enjoyed Mandalorian and Jeff Goldblum. And i freaking loved the Imagineering Story. But, Im in it for originals, having already seen all the relevant (to me) Disney backlog and I dont enjoy rewatches. I get it for free from Verizon, if not I would have canceled this month and with the last episode of Goldblum. A lot of the originals are geared to kids and young teens (high school musical, diary of president, marvel hero project, arts and crafts, Noelle, Sporky, etc)
I guess this was sarcastic? Apple TV+ have started with some decent content but it is way too little yet, no? I am enjoying the first year free and hope volume has picked up when it is time to pay..
Nope, not sarcastic. I’m right there with him.


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Nov 13, 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
It's been out in The Netherlands since it's initial launch in November.

EDIT: nevermind, I see now that it is mentioned in the article. Read only the title and first paragraph before posting.
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May 13, 2019
This app will really grow when it adds switch support, I feel like that is a big market without a lot of streaming alternatives and it is heavily used by kids (their target).


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Aug 3, 2017
It has been know for a while. If you tried to register and get an info of availability the message was showing March. At least for France...
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