Display Upgrade on Early 2011 Macbook pro 15"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thefatchicken, Aug 9, 2015.

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    Jun 15, 2015
    For awhile, The 1440x900 display in my Macbook pro 15" was enough. However, as I progress as a developer and designer I find that my machine is more than adequate other than the display. 8gb of ram, i7 2ghz, and a 256gb Samsung 850 Evo. I have looked around often online to see if the following is possible: Upgrading to the HD panel option at the time, 1680x1050 display. The 256mb AMD 6490m and integrated graphics within the system both have a theoretical supported resolution of much higher than this display upgrade.

    With all of this said, Ive heard mixed results. Is this possible? I am very technically competent and I would like to have some insight to this...

    P.S; A friend recently sent in a 2010 macbook pro in for a logic board repair and received it back with the exact upgrade I am discussing... he sent it in and it was 1440x900, he got it back and it was 1680x1050. did he get a whole new unit or...?

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    May 31, 2015
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    To be honest it will probably be easier, quicker and have far less chance of going wrong (and cost about the same) if you just sold it and bought a second hand retina version. You would also have a newer machine with far superior graphics and better CPU along with that fantastic retina screen.
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