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    Apr 30, 2013
    Hi guys ok i have i am graphic designer editor and colorist all rolled up in to one. I use Adobe products like premiere and davinchi resolve color grading program they both love cuda I have GTX550to on the top GTX770 4gb in the middle and Radeon 5770 at the bottom. I am going to instal power suply in the dvd space and 3th HD in the same space since i cant fit 3th hd in original space i have Sata Male to Female Data and Power Combo Extension Cable on the way for this. I have provided some images for you to see only issue i see here is heat i really don't have to keep my mac tray closed so heat wont be an issue i hope.

    I am thinking of cutting a hole on a tray and adding a fan that will be connected to a second power supply blowing straight in to 3 graphic cards or a fan on the side blowing at the back of the cards

    I am looking for some type if HD mini rack i just dont want to place my hd inside the tray just sting there

    I been trying to find VisionTek 400372 450W Power Supply but its been discontinued i wonder if normal PW fill fit

    Any info and suggestions will be appreciated thanks

    PS i dont do any gaming just work on this mac

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    FWIW... Wouldn't a single GTX 970 or GTX 980 provide superior performance for your task? The cMP has very limited power distribution, be careful.
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    No i need as much cuda cores as i can have for davinchi resolve to use to color grade HD raw or 4k and those cards cant be connected to monitor or resolve wont use them as rendering gpu's. I already been ruining gtx550ti and 5770 with internal power supply from mother board for 3 years with no problems i don't think i can run all 3 from mac power supply
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    FWIW I've ran a 4GB 680, A 4GB 970, and now a pair of 4GB 970's.

    Dunno about resolve, but all I use mine for is rendering on the GPU's, and the single 970 crushed the 680, and the pair of them together have cut my frame render times by a factor of 4 over the single 670. Like you, I don't even use them for video, I've got the stock GT120 card in the 4th slot for that. This means I have an EFI card in on video, so I get full boot screens and all that goes with having an EFI card in place, but the biggest benefit is the 970's are very power efficient so I was able to use 6 pin splitter cables and power both cards off the stock motherboard with no external power supply needed.

    It'd save you some of the other logistics of having to pull out the last two drive sleds just to get the cards in, as the 120 is a single width card. It'd suck for gaming, but I don't game, and it's fine for running a pair of 1920x1200 displays while working.

    Just a thought..
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    Its done so far so good no heat issues by cards stay around 41C even so close together.

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    Wow, thats just awful. what a ramshackle way of increasing render times. wouldn't have 2 970s been a more elegant option?
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    I think the intent was to not spend money.
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    that is right


    I work with what i have at that time and its not like i will take my mac for long walks in the park for people to see it its under my desk where i cant see it

    And also i need 2 strong graphics ruining resolve those cards cant be used by monitors or resolve will not use them for rendering so i need 2 rendering cards and one for monitor so far so good i have achieved my goal
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