Do you hate your job but enjoy other things?

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  1. thadoggfather, Jun 10, 2011
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    What is it you hate about your job, and what would you rather be doing, whether it could bring in a paycheck or not? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! because i'm tired of the job I have.

    **** If you submit something here, I reserve the rights to the content and have consent for posting (but anonymously, nameless, and edited if it is too revealing or contains curse words). I want to compile a series of these and make it public to demonstrate issues people have with the workplace. Should be interesting, already have people who have submitted some and I've posted, but I can't publish my site here, would be spammy, if you would prefer to be private, PM me***


    I'll go:

    I work at a country club pool side snack shop-- that's a mouthful. To say it's bad would be quite the understatement. We serve lots of deep fried food, including but not limited to funnel cakes, fries, chicken fingers, and corndogs. Sounds great on paper except the frying oil it's been in looks something like toxic waste, and I question the last time it has been changed as someone in the kitchen is supposed to do it, not me. It's great and helps assist my face in getting attacked with acne, just to make obese little kids happy for 5 seconds before they hop in the pool and let one float to the surface of the water. And it's not uncommon for the mothers who spawned these round demons to order $30 (sometimes plus) dollars worth of crap for the whole family. After working with the fryers and seeing the general laissez-faire attitude towards the cleanliness of the facility, I only eat Doritos on my break because if it has to be cooked using our equipment, I opt out. Oh and I snack on Skittles sometimes too. I need to do something else.

    My self-worth is valued higher than $8 an hour and gratuity, which is rarely seen. Fat people are stingy. They compensate the relatively low price of food with tall orders, making the total with tax laughable and also making me suffer as a result.
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    Jul 6, 2009
    Had you out this at the top of the thread, I would have stopped reading then and there.
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    On tenterhooks

    Well Doc, am I 20-20??
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    Quebec, Canada
    I love my job and enjoy other things.

    Life is too short to have it any other way.
  5. Rowf macrumors regular

    Feb 7, 2011
    I can't say I approach my job with overwhelming happiness but 20yrs ago I was living in my car 'round the back of a derelict factory with nothing but a bleak looking future ahead of me.
    I got a job stacking pallets in a yard by hand, sorting out the good and the bad, no cover, just an open yard, when it rained I got wet, when it snowed I froze and when the sun came out I baked, evenings were spent picking splinters out of my hand before they became infected.
    Oh, and the pay was rock bottom.

    The point of that little tale is that when I'd got down to nothing, that hard, rubbish, poorly paid job, gave me something.
    I moved out of my car and began to build my life, got some education and learned some skills and moved on.

    So, my current job might not be the job that I'd choose (given a wide choice;)) but I ain't complaining, and if it folds and I move into another job, I ain't complaining about that one either.

    Do I enjoy other things?
    Yes I do, it would be sad if I didn't, but work is necessary and living with the home comforts it brings beats the hell out of sleeping with your head on the steering wheel.
  6. 63dot, Jun 11, 2011
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    Jun 12, 2006
    I don't make the mistake in trying to have my job be what I enjoy. That is what hobbies are for whether it's far from being as fun for me as building boat models or donating time and money to charitable causes.

    One could enjoy a job somewhat and it could be fun at times, but no job in the world allows for the freedom and creativity a human being craves, all the time, as a hobby would.

    Hobbies don't call for the mundane and stressful to be commonplace, but a dream job often comes with a lot of both. One may like to sell antique dishes, like I did as a teen and there was definitely a rush in making a big sale and reaping the commissions, but it's no fun finding replacement inventory, unpacking the stuff, shipping it and worrying if it gets there safely, and keeping the display shelves dust free. For those really exciting times when I made a good sale, there was a lot of preparation behind the scenes which were not so fun or exciting. ;)

    Some people can think that their job/career does not have boring and stressful times much of the time, but I say they are delusional.

    A job/career is a set of tasks designed to make the work flow, not to make the worker happy per se. I liked computers as a hobby but when it became a job, it lost some of its luster.

    Just like a large diamond on your finger, or fast car, or endless amounts of drugs/alcohol cannot make you happy and fulfill many of your personal and spiritual needs, a job cannot do that either. And a job that takes over a life can be as destructive, if not more, than all the drugs/alcohol one can get their hands on. On a good day, a job can use one's ability to be ambitious, but on a bad day, it can become an unhealthy addiction making one's life unmanageable.

    As for my job, I love some things and hate others, but mostly, I don't have strong feelings about most aspects of it and it's a function in life. The longer I do it, the more routine and neutral it becomes but such is the nature of most jobs, and possibly all jobs. Life is too short to make too much out of work any more than it would be to be overly excited by different toilet paper brands or dental floss.

    As for enjoying other things, the list is too long to mention but vacations, time off, and being with friends and family top the list.
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    Don't edit my curse words. **** yeah! Love my job. Suck it!
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    Fighting to stay in the EU
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    I'd rather to be able to be totally reliant on my writing. Unfortunately, the fact that my works are only just appearing in local bookstores is preventing me from quitting my job as a Chef.

    I certainly do not hate my job though. It just takes it's toll sometimes.
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    I don't believe your disclaimer gives you full permission to use these replies as you wish. If anyone automatically owns the copyright it is MacRumors.
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    5045 feet above sea level
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    So you don't sue his sorry ass when he publishes. ;) :D

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