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Aug 30, 2014
Munich, Germany
I'm just curious. Do you read on your iPad? And if so, do you have an iPad Mini, Regular or even Pro? Do you read in Bus/Train/Plane as well or just at home in bed and on couch? :)

I have an old Kindle for reading when I'm on the way to work/home but I consider buying an iPad Pro 9.7. Is it too big to read on it?


Jun 30, 2015
I used to read on my Mini all of the time, including on an hour-long bus ride commute. Now I travel less (I bike to work), and have the 12.9" iPad Pro. I read a lot on it, and take notes while reading with GoodNotes + Apple Pencil. This is mostly at home lying around somewhere, but sometimes I go out to coffee shops with it.


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Mar 18, 2016
I use to read a lot on my iPad Air and Mini. Now I have the iPad Pro and haven't really done a ton of reading on this one.


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Nov 26, 2014
I find the 9.7 to be the perfect size for books. Although I don't read nearly as often as I should, I enjoy the experience on my iPad when I do. I had a smaller 7-inch Galaxy tablet a long time ago and never liked reading on it much.


Sep 16, 2014
I've got a 12.9" iPad Pro and I read on it every night. I've got a Kobo Aura h2o as well but it's not seen use for a while, I mostly use that when I go on holiday for when I'm sitting at the pool.

(I also like the screen size for my Gary Larson books and the like, nice and big and clear.)


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Jan 15, 2016
I'm just curious. Do you read on your iPad? And if so, do you have an iPad Mini, Regular or even Pro? Do you read in Bus/Train/Plane as well or just at home in bed and on couch? :)

I have an old Kindle for reading when I'm on the way to work/home but I consider buying an iPad Pro 9.7. Is it too big to read on it?
I use an iPad mini for reading and web browsing. I read and web browse on an iPhone, but web browsing is more enjoyable on the iPad. I also use the iPad mini to test an app I'm developing which can simulate an iPhone screen as well as behave like a regular iPad. I use Pages for basic document creation. But I do find that working on the iPad decreases productivity so anything substantial I'm working on, I often need to return to an iMac.

I use the iPad mini usually on the couch or on a table, at the library or on the go. One reason I chose the mini was due to it's very neat compact size and much lighter weight than the larger iPads. Plus, the mini doesn't have a protruding camera. (I think the camera sticking out on the new iPad Pro is such a poor design decision, but that's just an opinion.)

I suspect the Kindle with e-ink has much better display quality for reading in super bright light such as under the sun at the beach. The iPad won't be as great in super bright beach light. But I guess this all depends on if your iPad likes to stay seaside under the sun often.

I was attracted to the mini because although the colour gamut technically wasn't apparently as good as an iPad (which I haven't really been able to notice), the image quality was incredibly sharp, even more sharper than iPad when comparing them side by side. (This would likely be due to the higher pixels per inch (ppi) with 326 ppi on the iPad mini just like on iPhone vs a lower 264 ppi on iPad Air and Pro.)

For ebooks, and other resources in the typical ebook format, mini is great, and I can adjust the text size when reading in the iBooks app. Sometimes when reading A4 sized PDF's though, due to the text size being fixed in a PDF, text can be rather small to read on the mini. However that's easily fixed by a double tap on the block of text to zoom in and focus in on that piece of text, or rotating the device landscape to fill the width also works a treat. Sometimes when reading PDFs, and depending on the set up of the PDF document, I get slightly strange colours due to the way the document was created either in an RGB or CMYK colour space (e.g. dark blue displays as lighter cyan blue). It's not an issue for most things, just some PDFs.

One small gripe is when web browsing with Safari, it can crash from time to time, and sometimes it needs to reload tabs. (It's something Apple needs to look at improving for future devices to completely eliminate the issue.)

When approaching the purchasing decision, I usually go with the lowest capacity - 16GB. (Side note: actually Apple should build in the highest capacity these days considering storage costs Apple very little.) I simply back up the device and at the same time free up storage during that process, but storage rarely gets out of hand like that. I chose the Wifi model which is fine for almost all places. And, in the event there is no wifi, I turn on the iPhone's Wifi Hot Spot in settings and use the internet through the wireless iPhone connection. Simple and useful. I purchased the iPad mini when a special discount sale was on at a local retailer.

A lot longer than I originally planned, hope it helps!


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Jun 7, 2015
Seattle WA
I do all of my Kindle reading on my Air 2 and no longer use my Kindle PaperWhite because I strongly prefer the Air 2. I usually read sitting up in a chair or while laying in bed.


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Feb 27, 2011
I use my iPad mini to read during my commute and when relaxing at home. I mainly read newspaper apps, eBooks, and web articles.

I prefer the size of the mini to the 9.7" iPad.
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Feb 12, 2008
Yes, it's the main thing I use it for. Ipad mini here and I mainly read journal articles and (academic) books I have scanned to PDF. All my readings are catalogued on my mac using Bookends. I keep and sync the Bookends library using Dropbox. On the ipad I read and annotate using the iAnnotate app, and sometimes Goodreader (prefer the interface of the former, but the latter feels snappier if the files are big).

Ferc Kast

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Sep 26, 2012
The Multiverse
I do use my iPad for books, as well as some sheet music for the piano (which in some cases is easier for me to turn the page than the physical copies.)


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Mar 16, 2016
Yes, sometimes.

For books I prefer the kindle paper white, it's a better screen for reading, however for convenience when travelling I sometimes use my iPad mini to save needing 2 devices.

I rarely use my iPad (2, soon to be replaced with an Air) as its really a little big for book reading, although very good for the newspaper.


May 3, 2011
I used to read snooks quite heavily on mine's, but these past 18 months, not as much.

Partly because I've been busy doing other things, but also because no new books have come out from the writers I follow.


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Jan 1, 2011
L.A. (Lower Alabama)
My poor Kindle hasn't been used in years. I do all my reading on my iPad. I'm currently using the miniPro. (I'm going to continue calling it that for speed.) it's the size of a book cover, and weighs a fraction of a paperback.

I read a LOT.


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Apr 12, 2010
I read on iPads as well. I just got the big pro and it is nice to have it on my lap on the keyboard case and read on there. I also prop it on my chest at night to read in bed. The 9.7 and mini are also nice to read on. I guess I use them all to read. I also love the Kindle Voyage :)


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Sep 14, 2015
Similar to others here I do read a lot on my iPad (Air 1), but only "disposable literature" (newspapers, news magazines) - for serious stuff I much prefer my Kindle Paperwhite, for some reason I can much better concentrate, might be a matter of lighting and screen... I also do 80% of my web browsing on my iPad.


Aug 13, 2012
I have read over 200 books on my iPad and enjoy it and like having my library resident on my device but, I will say, the Kindle provides a great reader experience.

As a footnote, I've had to turn off True Tone on the new iPP when reading in iBooks, just isn't happening for me.
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Mar 18, 2009
I enjoy reading books on iPad quite a bit. I find the mini and the Plus size iPhone to be the most comfortable for pure book reading. Though I'm now using a 9.7" iPad and reading still feels great.
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