Do you wear your AW at home?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by R740, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. R740 macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2015
    Hey, just being curious, do you wear your apple watch at home? it seems a little but uncomfortable for me, but i love the remote feature. how about you? and why?
  2. maflynn Moderator


    Staff Member

    May 3, 2009
    Its always on. What do you find uncomfortable?

    Is it because you're not used to wearing a watch? If so, you'll get used to it and won't even notice it.
  3. AlliFlowers Contributor


    Jan 1, 2011
    L.A. (Lower Alabama)
    First thing I put on in the morning. Last thing I take off at night. I find myself looking at my wrist if I get up in the middle of the night...which is silly because that's the only time my watch is on the charger, and I can't see doodly without my glasses. ;)
  4. nightcap965 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 11, 2004
    Cape Cod
    Yes, of course I wear it at home. It's the first thing I put on the morning and the last thing I remove at night. Gotta close those circles!
  5. Blujelly macrumors 65816


    Sep 2, 2012
    South East England
    Agreed with maflynn I was the same didn't know how I felt about it, I just wasn't used to it. Now I'm not use to it when I don't wear it.

    The only time it isn't on my wrist is when I'm sleeping, or any aquatic activities lol
  6. BlueMoon63 macrumors 68020

    Mar 30, 2015
    Like others have already said so eloquently, if you are new to watches, it may not feel normal to you for a little while.

    I wear my Apple Watch approximately 22-23 hours a day - every day. Don't even know it is there but i have worn watches for 35-40 years.
  7. satinsilverem2 macrumors 6502a


    Nov 12, 2013
    Richmond, VA
    First thing I put on and see in the morning and the last at night. except when I crash at friends houses then it just stays on me all night.
  8. R740, Jan 19, 2016
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    R740 thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2015
    It's the first the I put on and seen in the morning too, and it's super comfy wearing all day long if i'm out. But just after I come back home, AW lays on my bedtable, waiting for the next morning.
    I just don't feel the need to check time at home, have many gadgets here. So the only reason why AW is on my hand right now, is the remote feature. And I have to complete my stand circle! No more.
  9. kcellup macrumors regular


    Sep 19, 2015
    Why not charge it for a few hours, then put it on and use it to track sleep?
  10. h9826790, Jan 19, 2016
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    h9826790 macrumors G4


    Apr 3, 2014
    Hong Kong
    Yes, I wear it >20 hours a day. I only put it on charge when I go to bath. And I will wear it again before I go to sleep (after fully charge).

    It's useful at home, remote / accept calls with the phone on charger. it's a perfect timer in kitchen (Thanks Siri). A silent alarm which won't wake up my baby...
  11. Chupa Chupa macrumors G5

    Chupa Chupa

    Jul 16, 2002
    I wear it from the time I get dressed in the AM to the time I go to bed at night, just like if it were any other regular watch. The only exception is I exchange it for my Garmin when I go for a run.
  12. Newtons Apple Suspended

    Newtons Apple

    Mar 12, 2014
    Jacksonville, Florida
    You can wear it as much or as little as you want. It is your choice.
  13. testcard macrumors 68040


    Apr 13, 2009
    Northumbria, UK
    Watch goes on when I get dressed in the morning and comes off when I undress for bed.
  14. BlueMoon63 macrumors 68020

    Mar 30, 2015
    So very true... My wife loves that I use the silent alarm every day as I get up before she does and I don't wake her. I love tracking my sleep as I can see minor improvements in my health as my resting heart rate has improved. I now average 54 at night when months ago I was 57.

    I workout early in the morning every day and I don't even bring my phone down to my workout room. I click on my wink app on my watch and turn the lights on in my workout room and activate the fan. I load my workout app and then the Apple workout app and start listening to music with my Bluetooth headphones. When done, I go upstairs and use the wink app to shut off the lights and fan.
  15. Ezra923 macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2012
    yep feel naked without it and i use the activity app
  16. dwfaust macrumors 601


    Jul 3, 2011
    I am here => [•]
    Yep. I take it off to shower and take it off to sleep. Otherwise, I wear it 24 x 7.

    Besides, I work from home, so if I didn't wear it at home, when would I wear it? :D
  17. rizzo41999 macrumors 6502


    May 27, 2009
    Even if I'm just hanging out in bed, I'll still put my Apple watch in the morning.
  18. redman042 macrumors 68030


    Jun 13, 2008
    I do as well. It's rare that I'm awake and not wearing it. The reason being that having the watch on eliminates the need to keep my phone in my pocket while around the house, and makes it far easier to set a reminder or cooking timer, or field an alert in a more relaxed manner than if my phone were buzzing at me from across the room (which it used to do incessantly).

    I would say more than half the payoff of owning an Apple Watch is realized while at home in the morning and evening.

    As for comfort, there is a certain amount of acclimation, but you should also explore the different straps to find what's best for you. Sometimes I do take my watch off for 10 minutes to let my skin breathe a bit if I'm getting a bit sweaty under there (or accumulation of water from washing my hands). When I put the watch back on, it feels nice and cool.
  19. IndianBird macrumors 6502a

    Dec 28, 2009
    It goes on after my shower and stays on until I got to bed.
  20. sactownbwoy macrumors 6502

    Aug 28, 2008
    I feel naked when I don't have a watch on. I have been wearing watches since my dad gave me my first one when I was about 5 years old.
  21. IJBrekke macrumors 6502

    Oct 24, 2009
    Long Beach, CA
    To play contrarian: I only wear watches when I leave my house, soon as I get home I don't feel the need. Even having a Pebble hasn't changed this, as its main use is allowing notifications at times when I can't look at my phone. I can always look at my phone at home.

    Curious if being able to reply to texts through the watch would change anything (i.e. If I would leave the phone and walk around the house with the watch).

    Also, my habits basically negate any concerns about battery life outside of traveling.
  22. Kavier macrumors 6502a


    Feb 1, 2010
    Raleigh, NC
    I wear mine at home. I always leave my phone on silent so leaving the watch on helps me not miss a call/text.
  23. The Doctor11 macrumors 603

    The Doctor11

    Dec 15, 2013
    New York
    I'm always wearing my watch (expect when I'm swimming ;)). I find it very comfortable and sometimes forget I even have it on. Even at home I like having the ability to get notifications on my watch as well as I want to get every little bit of activity credit that I can get.
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    What band and watch do you have? I have an Apple Watch Sport and only use sport bands, I find my watch to be extremely comfortable.
  24. IphoneIssues macrumors 65816

    Dec 30, 2010
    Home is one of the few places I'm comfortable with setting my phone down, and going about my business. Lots of thieves around.

    With that being said, my watch is usually on at home. It makes it easier to set the phone down and stay away from it, for certain periods of time.

    You can. It is limited though.
  25. Oohara macrumors 68020


    Jun 28, 2012
    That's me too. When I'm out and about, the iPhone will always be right on me, but at home it'll of course often be in another room and that's when notifications on the AW become extra handy. I also use the timer a lot, and Siri more often at home than away.

    Not to mention the fact that home will be where I always put my iPhone somewhere and can't find it just when I'm about to go out........ Gotta LOVE the ping iPhone function!

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