Does anyone know what I can do about my lower back pain?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hieveryone, Sep 12, 2018.

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    I think the OP is like 30 ...
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    Sep 9, 2018
    I got the same issue so i got myself checked up by a physio therapist. The result was that i got weak muscles on my back because my diet was not healthy and i spent so much time sitting due to my work. So i start eating some healthy food with high energy and low fats. also lying up on a straight surface face up had also healed my back. Old mattress with uneven shape is the main cause of this problem.
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    My doc just ran regular lab panels and said you need to lose 50 pounds, just do it.

    I wasn't complaining of anything until he said that! :eek: and it was just a wellness check. And he added "if you don't know how to lose weight wisely I can refer you to a nutritionist, but I know what you say you eat and it sounds healthful so really I just recommend start out by shoving yourself back from the table, before you're satisifed by the meal. Best exercise routines start with that one."

    Sounded deadly to me. I liked eating until my brain said "man that was good; I am stuffed."

    Hmm. OK then. Retraining the brain... can be done, even reluctantly.

    I settled for losing 30 pounds, only taking that "shove back from table" as an extra step in daily exercise routines I already had... a few dance routines and walking, mostly... and was impressed by the difference the caloric reduction and weight loss eventually made in how I feel, and in my higher energy levels and so forth.

    The doc wasn't all that impressed. Well he did say "You're going in the right direction." From him that's high praise, I guess. I did appreciate the nudge from him before the extra weight started taking noticeable toll on knees, back, etc. I will miss him. He's retired and headed back to sunny California, not fond of our winters. I may not lose all the other 20 pounds but I'm making a point of not putting the 30 I lost back on.
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    That's great! 30 pounds is huge and you must feel much better in general. The thing about the diet I went on was I could eat as much as I wanted as long as there were no carbs and sugar. So, yeah, I have cravings but I can stuff myself with meat and veggies and not be hungry ever. Exercising helped me of course as well.
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    Well done on the weight loss. I lost 60lb a few years back and have kept it off.
    I can have an occasional treat now, but for me the main things were as you say retraining your brain. Not I'm on a diet but when I lose x I can have takeaway again. But okay this is what I eat now.
    It takes self control, but you do feel better for it.
    Also I weigh myself once a week. Before I'd not weigh myself for months or even years at a time. Then as my clothes got tight I'd think I'd put a few lb on. But in reality it was more like 20 lb!
  6. A.Goldberg, Sep 15, 2018
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    As a chronic sufferer of back pain, there is no “magical” cure.

    I think the best things you can in the long run are do are stretch and build strength. I have found Yoga Therapists to be great, or PT’s with a Yoga certification. Yoga truly works wonders.

    Massages can be helpful, but generally I find within 30 minutes afterwards the muscles tense up again and the pain is back with a vengeance.

    Heat- whether it be a nice hot shower or heat patches can be helpful.

    There are some pharmacological only ptions, but none are perfect. NSAIDs Ibuprofen or Naproxen can be helpful. Muscle relaxers generally don’t work well and have extensive side effects. Opioids obviously are not a good solution (and long term your body adapts and the pain comes back, even accounting for general tolerance). Antidepressants (especially TCA’s and SNRI’s) can be effective as serontonin and norepinephrine are involved with pain modulation. These of course can take weeks to become effective.

    Also keep in mind your body and mind are closely intertwined. The more you focus on pain, the more it will hurt. The more stress, anxiety, and depression you suffer, the worse your pain will be. Managing negative thoughts and emotions can do a lot in terms of improving perception of pain.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Please forgive this hijack, but how has the remodel gone? I don’t recall where you were posting updates but as I recall you promised some pictures ( lol ). Not that you need to but I’d like to hear how it came out and your comments.

    I’m sorry to have lost touch.
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    Weight could be an issue, but I am not overweight (5'-9" 160 lbs.) and I have chronic back pain from arthritis. I also have had back spasms in the past that rendered me immobile. I take glucosamine, although it'' not proven to help the joints, and cyclobenzaprine when needed. I also do exercises to strengthen my core, and I use a heating pad whenever I can (at dinner, watching TV). I also apply various pain relieving creams that give temporary comfort. My exercises come from a physical therapist. I asked my doctor to refer me so I could learn what to do. Good luck!
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    If it is not relieved by taking heating pad, it’s best to get your spine checked by a doctor of chiropractic.
  10. juanm, Feb 9, 2019
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    I know this is a resurrected thread, but my advice, as with all things medical, is to ask a bunch of strangers on a tech forum.

    More seriously, the usual advice applies:
    • strengthen your core by doing proper exercises and stretching (a foam roller helps a lot)
    • pay attention to your posture (and improve it). Modern desk jobs are very bad for your back.
    • sit less (and better)
    • have a healthy diet
    • walk more (or better, ride your bike to work like a pauper who doesn't have a Mercedes)
    • ask a model/aspiring actress/sugarbaby to rub your back
    • and most importantly, go to a professional to get some help.
    I used to suffer from constant back pain. Now it's mostly gone. I credit my foam roller, some discipline, and daily physical activity.
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    Mar 24, 2017
    I have compression of the lumbar nerves from a big rearend caused by a drunk driver.

    The things that helped are:
    Eating a low carb/paleo/keto diet.
    Avoid wheat completely, reduce grain and sugar consumption as much as possible.
    Walk at least 10,000 steps a day, stretch. Not sitting too long.
    Air mattress.
  12. Gregg2, Feb 10, 2019 at 4:10 AM
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    Sleep Number bed.
    Heating pad.
    Anti-spasm prescription, as needed.
    I am NOT giving up sweets!
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    Yikes, it's pretty shocking to see the OP post a mundane thread rather than one about wealth, physical attractiveness of prospective partners, or how people perceive you based on some status symbol. :eek:
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    No matter how you look at it, at the end of the day we're all just slowly decaying vessels doing the bidding of our biological imperatives. A little back pain and such are to be expected along the way, as are random thoughts about hot college students and costly electronics.

    Now as for the OP, I really have no idea but I do hope the pain subsides soon if it already hasn't.
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    Back pain eventually comes for all of us. It hit me in my late 30s.

    Found out I have a herniated disc. Weak abs, weak back, and sitting too much. It’s been over a year since and I’m 90% better. It took doing exercises every other day to strengthen my core as well as visiting a chiropractor that does wonders.

    Lots of good info in this thread. My advice is that fixing your back issue TAKES FOREVVVVVER. Don’t give up.
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    All the advise above plus a stand up desk. Geekdesk was part of my fix. Getting active and walking helped a lot. Yoga has been very helpful too. A lot of mechanical low back pain comes from weak muscles, inactivity and too much sitting.
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    Why, instead of asking on an Internet forum filled with strangers, you wouldn't simply go to a doctor (orthopedist, neurologist) to get some sort of reasonably accurate medically-based information and diagnostic prognosis confounds me. People on the internet are going to throw all sorts of ideas at you, some of which are not at all clinically-proven or evidence-based and none of which really are addressing your specific situation, which only someone examining you in person and perhaps also examining radiographic studies in addition can determine. Just go to a doctor! Presumably you have health insurance coverage and also you have money to pay for any co-pays or even the full amount if need be. Go to a doctor......
  18. Easttime macrumors 6502a

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    Yes, see a doctor to rule out the bad stuff and then physios and other regulated professionals for sound person-centered advice. But I imagine that a lot of the suggestions in this thread for dealing with low back pain come from people who have already been through the system, had their MRIs, etc (if indicated), tried the evidence-based measures, and are acting on the suggestions of experienced clinicians. For that matter, I suspect some of these posters could be experienced clinicians. Reaching out to the hive mind for motivation and more ideas to consider isn’t a bad idea unless it takes a person down a harmful path. We can’t hang around aching and waiting for science to catch up, that could take generations. I got the idea for a standup desk from the Internet, and it was my wife who suggested yoga, not a health professional. Neither have been thoroughly assessed yet scientifically, to my knowledge, but in my case I think they have done more for my functioning and quality of life than anything else. Meanwhile my doctor told me what to watch for and I can avoid the potential side effects of medication. Your mileage might vary.

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