Does iPad (3rd Gen have dual LED?)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by set8up, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    The latest analysis of the display and backlight said it has 72 vs. 36 LEDs. However, this is required, as the Retina display's pixel density requires more light. So far, my brightness setting is the same, or slightly higher than I had for the iPad 2 (of course, one would expect the control to be scaled to the new display and backlight).

    In any event, full brightness is similar to previous models (I sold my iPad 2 before receiving the 3, so I can't compare it. I did do some comparisons to the original iPad, and the brightness was nearly the same for the same setting.)

    This doesn't mean the Retina and previous displays are comparable in any other sense. The new display has a broader dynamic range - what was "black" on the original's display, now looks dark gray when put side to side with the Retina. The black is much, much deeper on the new display - I would almost start comparing it to a plasma's wide dynamic range.
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    Yes and it is much brighter. Waiting for test results.

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