Does the lack of iPod with Back to School Mac mean anything?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by NJMetsHero, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Apple just announced their new Back to School Mac promo about a week ago and instead of being able to get a new iPod when you buy a Mac they're now giving out $100 iTunes/Mac App Store gift cards.

    Usually when they run this promotion it's to clear inventory on the old iPods to make room for the new ones. Since they aren't giving away iPods with Macs, does that mean that something weird is going to happen with iPods in September? I doubt no new iPods at all, but who knows. It may just be that demand for iPods has slowed with smartphones rising, so Apple simply didn't manufacture as many and more accurately predicted how many they would sell.
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    Jun 14, 2011
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    Apple makes these offers based on what is the benefit for the customer (how many more computers is Apple going to sell), what is the cost for Apple, and what are other benefits for Apple. In this case, the benefit for Apple is a massive flow of money from Apple to Mac software developers, who then go on to write more applications for the Macintosh, which makes people buy more Macs. The iPods would likely have been models that won't work with the iCloud services that were just announced; while Apple is quite happy to sell you one of these iPods because it is all money in the end, selling an iPod Touch or better strengthens Apple's position in the cloud market. So the cost of giving you an iPod would have been lost money for Apple.
  4. rdowns macrumors Penryn


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    Um, no. Apple runs these promotions to move Macs.
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    Not at all, if you notice last year they gave away 2nd generation ipod touches that was a couple of years old.

    If they were to have the giveaway this year it would be giving the 4th gen ipod touch that is still relatively new and it is a major revolution with its retina display,camera and A4 processor.

    Apple didn'want to go down this path so they gave $100 cards this year. This is very similar to the ipod touches given years ago since their build price was in the range of 85$ - 125$.

    The rumors that ipod touch will be discontinued so is just people drinking the haterade, I say there is still a 99&% chance that ipod touches will be released this year.
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    Technically they did not give away a 2nd gen touch last year even though that is how they promoted the deal. What they actually did was a $200 voucher towards the purchase of any iPod Touch. If you took the 8GB (2nd gen) then it was essentially "free", but you could've applied it to a 64GB iPod Touch and received one for $199 (instead of the usual $399)
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    Mar 17, 2011
    No. I believe the next Ipod touch will be released in September.
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    I don't think it means anything besides Apple wants to push the app store. We will get new iPods this year, probably in September like normal.

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