Does your Apple Watch have bugs that remain unfixed by Apple?


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Jan 7, 2012
It's not really a bug, but why Messages on the Apple Watch are not synced in the same way as Messages on any other of my Apple devices is really beyond me. If I delete a Message on my Mac or my iPhone or my iPad, it gets deleted on any other device - except the Apple Watch.
And then, if I really have to delete them manually, why is there no option to delete several Messages at once or bulk delete all of them?

This has remained unfixed since the beginning of (Apple Watch) time...


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Original poster
Feb 23, 2020
In my case it's a basic feature that used to work then suddenly stopped working and never got fixed though. Even resetting the watch and iPhone does not work. I thought the point of an Apple ecosystem was that the components play well with each other?
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