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    Jul 22, 2013

    If you are familiar with 'Final Fantasy Tactics' you will love these, in fact Square Enix used to support Wakfu when it was new. These games get updates (or as other games calls them - expansions/patches) every month or two, for free!

    Both games are free to play up to level 25, you can continue playing afterwards but you won't progress until you subscribe. Both games run on Windows, OSX & Linux.

    If you would like an alternative mmo that is unique, you should look into either Dofus or Wakfu. They are 2D but the graphics are still amazing. They are turn-based when it comes to fights (turn-based tactical combat) is what it's called, which means it involves strategy and you can multi task when it isn't your turn ( doesn't take a lot of time but the option is there )


    Dofus - is made from flash, which means you need to click on the edge of the map each time you want to go into a different map. Lets say you wanted to go to coordinates 5,35 and you were in 5,34 you would have to click on the right side of the screen to change to 5,35. (this can get annoying if you aren't used to it, but is good if you plan on having multiple accounts)

    Dofus is more PVP oriented, and the game came out first, it is set 1000 years before Wakfu, it has all the same available classes although different spells. The subscription is 8$. In Dofus you can merge guilds into alliances and perform territorial conquest.

    Unlike Wakfu, you can join all the english servers, so North Americans and people from the UK can play on the same servers, Rushu is the most popular one and most chaotic, it also has the more non english speaking audience. Rosal is a lower populated server, however it has mostly english players.



    Wakfu - is made out of java, the graphics are better and you can run anywhere anytime continuously without having to click on the edge of the screen.

    When it comes to spells, Wakfu is not really interesting since you have to level up your spells, and you can only have 6 maxed-out spells at once, unless you go mediocre with all of them. This is different from Dofus since in that game you utilize most of all the spells.

    Wakfu is more of a social game. The subscription is 6$. In Wakfu you can affect the entire eco-system, if you cut all the trees, the mobs then might get sick and there might be a lack of them, they might even go extinct!

    If you're looking to try Wakfu, you will automatically join Nox server if you are North American, and you will automatically join Remington if you are in the UK/International. Nox is less populated and more chaotic, Remington is more popular and more friendly. If you want to change your "locale" from Nox to Remington, you will have to delete all your characters and ask a Community Manager to switch you (this might take time as they have to get approval) you can find these inside forums and private message them.

    http://impsvillage.com - English non-official forums
    http://wakfu-elements.com - Item's search
    http://www.wakfu-world.com - French information website, such as builds

    If you would like to play with me, I am waiting for Troyle (english community manager) to switch me to Remington for Wakfu. As for Dofus I am on Rosal. PM me if you want to play with me.

    Have fun!
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    Jul 22, 2013
    934 views and not a single reply? are you guys turned off because it's 2D?

    I made it to Remington after around 20 hours of waiting for my PM to be read, but then again I sent the PM to Troyle on a Sunday.

    I am currently level 11, Sadida :p
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    I looked at it a while back and these type visuals just don't do it for me:


    Maybe it grows on you. I'm having too much fun with WoT and am waiting for the next big MMO which I'm hoping is ESO.
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    Jul 22, 2013
    what you posted there is Dofus, which was released in 2004 or so... what do you expect out of flash?

    if you try wakfu, you'll notice graphically its better, like i mentioned you can continue to walk or run without having to click the edge of the screen, there is lots of aminations and the art is spectacular.

  5. Huntn macrumors P6


    May 5, 2008
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    Maybe you could find an example of spectacular art and post it? I found this:


    It seems like most of the landscape is composed of squared off flat plains. It could be a great game, but my expectations are such, I'm hesitant to try it. However, this does seem intriguing, although I think it's an artist's interpretation: :)

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    Jul 22, 2013
    you seriously fail.

    its squares because the game is tactical... just like final fantasy tactics... you think 2d sucks... ok thats your problem, but the art in this game is amazing, ask anyone who plays it.

    you hate it because its 2d and squared... ???? its supposed to be squared...

    this image below is final fantasy tactics (which millions of people bought)


    dofus is graphically superior in animation and art, and its not just about combat, its almost a sandbox game, there isn't much questing, you do what you want, you dont even need to level up if you want to craft the best items. the ecology is very nice, you can manipulate the population of mobs, trees, fish, minerals... etc etc... theres weather and everything, not even your "WHATS NEXT BIG MMO" thread which is pointless garbage you still don't understand.


    i hate you.
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    Aug 3, 2011
    Gramps, what the hell am I paying you for?
    I think it's pretty neat looking and well done myself. As the OP so eloquently put it in his last response, it's very much rooted in the oldschool hex/square based style we used to see on the SNES and PS1. It reminds me of Landstalker in particular, and that's always bound to tickle my nostalgia bones.

    Though if there's one thing I can't get over, it's how corny the name "Dofus" is. Yeah. Dofus. That just sounds...derp.
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    Looks okay, but I miss when games were either free or subscription based or just pay once. I hate having ingame shops with real money. Makes it pointless to get better at a game when you know the next person is spending little to no time on getting their items but instead buying it with real money. This is a first seeing a game with both a subscription and the option to use real money for better items.

    It's like when gunbound and gunz went freemium or what has happened to TF2 :[.
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    May 3, 2009
    Wow, you get mad when nobody posts on your thread. Then you get mad because you don't like what we post? Your posts alone are probably scaring everyone away from the game.

    And what the hell does WoW have anything to do with this game?

    Also, you know the same company is behind both games right??? You having an account on both means you're paying $14 for basically the same exact game... So that means you only get $1 to spend on in game items :rolleyes:
  10. Huntn, Aug 2, 2013
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    Wow, fail, Caps, and hate all in one post. My intent was not to upset you. Dofus and Waku might be the most wondering games in the universe, but thank goodness we all don't like the exact same thing. I checked them out about 10 years ago when I was writing an article on Mac MMOs. I don't care for turn based MMORPGs based on a grid. Not helping, as I recall, at the time I was in love with WoW. :)

    My main suggestion is that you grow up and learn to deal with someone who is not in love with a game that you are in love with in an adult manner. Say something like, "Fine, I disagree, you person of limited outlook." :) <-be sure to include a smiley on the end.

    Did you, do you play it? And more importantly do you hate me? :p

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