OS X Download a game from a .DMG file in Windows.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by ruchiccio, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I have two computers: a PC with internet and an iMac without internet. I recently bought a digital game download from Amazon for my Mac so when I downloaded the file, a .DMG downloader file shows up. I know it's not all the files for the game because it's just 4MB and the game is like 4GB. I can't extract it on my iMac because it's not connected to the net so is there anyway I can do that from my PC?
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    A DMG is a disk image that can only be mounted from in OSX. You cannot do anything with it on windows other than copy to a USB stick etc.

    Most likely it is just an installer that will go online and download the rest of the games content at the same time it installs the game. You are better off to just download the file on your mac directly by swapping the Ethernet cable to your iMac if you don't have wireless and/or a router.

    The only other option is to try to find the offline installer that would be the full installer if one exists for this title.

    ... but really you can get a wireless router anywhere for $39, why not?
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