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    Hi There,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I own a MacBook Pro 15" late 2011:

    -500 GB SSD for the OS (partitioned for both Mac & Windows 10 Bootcamp) used 60/70% of this drive

    -1 TB HDD in the optical drive bay used to store files (including music and iphoto libraries) used 70% of this drive

    My MacBook Pro is on its last legs and looking to replace for a newer MacBook Pro.

    With the newer models having less adaptability in regards to 3rd party drives, I doubt I have enough money to invest in the same space I currently have on my old machine.

    I am currently toying with the idea with the 2TB iCloud drive space OR an external portable drive.

    Siding more with the iCloud space just for the portability (with an internet connection) aspect. Though it seems you can not backup the iCloud drive, which you can with the external drive.

    Apologies I digress, my question is if I load my iPhoto library to iCloud, can I one day in the future download it onto an external drive?

    Any advice is most appreciated :)
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    Not sure what "less adaptability in regards to 3rd party drives" means.

    For critical files such as photos you don't want to lose you need to have 3 backups. iCloud drive can be a backup, but should never be used as your only storage location for files you care about. Large external drives are inexpensive (Costco US has 5 TB for ~$120, 8 TB for ~$170) so you can keep your photos (by reference, or in library) there.

    Just make sure that your boot drive (normally internal) is large enough to meet your application needs. Check all the posts about using SSD external drives to keep costs down where speed is needed, such as booting.
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    I'm a big fan of redundant external drives for safekeeping important files, pics, video, etc.
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    Thanks for the reply HDFan, most appreciated.

    I do currently have 3 backups for all my files, this includes one which is offsite. As you have highlighted, I use both desktop and portable drives.

    I have decided to integrate iCloud into my storage but will still keep my external drive backup process. I was just trying to work out how to do this and to implement it in my work flow, after doing some digging I think I have sussed it :)

    Regarding my comment "less adaptability in regards to 3rd party drives", I was trying to convey how the new MacBook's solder in the SSD. In my last MacBook Pro I was able to upgrade the internal drive at a later date.

    A laptop is the only solution for me ATM.

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    Thanks for the link Hustler!

    I came across this option when I was looking at the iCloud settings in Photos.

    Years ago I spent hours organising all my photos into dated folders, for all major events after I managed to keep up this process of backing up outside of the Photos app. I have always been concerned of just "chucking" all my pictures into Photos and then the library gets corrupted. I know I have the library backed up, it just seems inaccessible sometimes....maybe its just me.

    I haven't bought my new MacBook yet, so I am trying to wean off all the extra storage space I have in my current machine and integrate iCloud into my workflow.

    All the best!

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