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Apr 12, 2001

Apple tonight has posted a new Apple Music ad that continues its "distractingly good" campaign. The ad stars Drake, an artist who has developed a good relationship with Apple and its music service.

In the ad, Drake is working out with a friend and listening to music. When his friend leaves, he decides to use Apple Music's curated "Pop Workout" playlist to play Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood." Drake then begins dancing around the gym while lip synching. He eventually goes back to his workout, but he's so distracted having a fun time singing Swift's song that he botches the bench press.

The ad works as a companion to an ad from February in which Taylor Swift works out to Drake and Future's "Jumpman." Swift, like Drake, is so distracted by Apple Music that she messes up her workout.

Swift's latest album, "1989", is still exclusive to Apple Music. Drake's "Views" is the first album on the streaming service to be streamed more than 1 billion times. "Views" was also exclusive to Apple Music for a week before expanding to other services. Drake also debuted a 23-minute short film called "Please Forgive Me," which is meant to be a visual companion to the album, exclusively on the service.

Article Link: Drake Gets Distracted While Singing Taylor Swift in New Apple Music Ad


Jun 3, 2015
A new Apple ad, "Tim Cook."

"So we got so many emojis and I forgot to tell you that I don't have Mac Pros to sell you. We got iPhones and MacBook amateur. If we did, we got soldered macs..and it's pretty weak. It's okay, right?

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I have never seen an artist get more mileage out of one album. This exclusive 1989 album is starting to feel like it came out in 1989. Even Ryan Adams covered literally every single song on it. I don't want to put her down because people obviously like it, but to me it's not interesting music. And I like pop music. The new Lady Gaga album is great, IMO.

I think it's kind of funny how Apple bought Beats for helps with music curation and finding good music but they're pushing top 20 stuff. I remember when the iTunes Store first came out, I found a lot of great music through their music samplers, their discovery and free songs of the week, and also through the collaboration playlist they did with W Hotels (that was very early on, maybe like 2003 or 2004). I've listened to Beats One a bit here and there, but it seems again quite boring to me. They used to also have great music in their iPod ads (Feist, etc.). And in the decade before that they used Muse's Sunburn in one of their Mac ads.
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