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Discussion in 'macOS' started by kinnyboy, Jun 4, 2009.

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    When I got my new Mac Pro I transferred all my info/settings from my old mac via firewire during the initial bootup. The new Mac then gave me 2 admin accounts which is a real pain. The main account which i never use is totally redundant but obviously I cant get rid of it. The other account which has all my migrated info on it is the one I use. Anyway, when someone on my home network puts something in my drop box/public folder I can never get it. It always goes into the drop box of the account that I don't use. I have to log off and them log into the other account to see the files but then cant copy them into the other one. I tried turning off file sharing in the redundant account but it changes settings in both of them. How can I receive things into the drop box of the one im using?? Surely they are set individually? Please help!!

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    It sounds like you created a new user when you first setup the Mac Pro, then went back and did the migration. In any case, if everything is correct in the new account (as you say, the other one is not used and redundant), then you should be able to delete the account (I'm assuming the account you are using has admin access and all...).

    Go to System Preferences > Accounts, select the account and then the "-" button. You'll be given the option of archiving data from that user or deleting everything.
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    That worked a treat. Thanks so much. Didnt think I could delete that account. All working now but im still confused as to why the drop box behaved like that. Oh well!! thanks again :D

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