Dualshock 3 SixAxis PS3 Controller in both Bootcamp & OS X Lion

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by DIESEL-X, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Ref: I'm using a MacBook Pro i7 early 2011 (MacBookPro8,3)

    PS3 controller - what a headache this area is.

    Currently there is some functionality using the PS3 Dualshock 3 SixAxis controller in both Bootcamp & OS X Lion, BUT only if you work stressfully hard to set it up and download sone software.

    In Lion:-

    Partial drivers appear to be built in to OS X Lion, but initial pairing can be difficult. Once paired, it will function only with some games with limited use, i.e. I couldn't get it to work in Call of Duty 4. It works in the App Store App version of Dirt 2 but with 'no' vibration feedback at all. Functionality in Batman Arkham Asylum and terrible functionality in Gamelofts Asphalt 6 in which you can't reconfigure the button settings.

    There's no SixAxis sensor support at all from what I can see, no customisation for games that need it and the 1 to 4 LED indicator lights on the controller don't act as they are supposed to. (The Tattibogle driver cannot be used in Lion)

    What's needed is definitive driver/controller software that will give full PS3 Dualshock 3 SixAxis functionality with possible customising ability for any games that don't map the button very well... Does anyone know of any available or in the making?

    In Bootcamp:-

    Even more important here because the majority of the 'big games' are unfortunately Windows based still (Battlefield 3, BBC 2, MW3, Black Ops, Skyrim, SW Old Republic etc etc). The best functionality for now appears to be achieved with the MotionInJoy software which provides drivers for the PS3 Dualshock 3 controller BUT you are completely unable to get it to recognise the inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, in my case which is inside the MacBook Pro. The Bluetooth adapter is not seen, yet we know the Bluetooth connection is established within OS X Lion, i.e. when playing Dirt 3, so the Bluetooth adapter is capable of connecting with the PS3 controller. The problem appears to be the very flakey support that Apple provides with it's drivers for Bootcamp, besides the problems with trying to connect to the Ps3 controller it's also neigh on impossible to connect to some or most Bluetooth headsets with a proper connection.

    Does anyone know of a fix for the inbuilt Bluetooth adapter within Bootcamp?

    I'm probably clutching at straws here and believe these problems aren't going to be addressed to soon. If only Apple could try and address this area properly as it strives to make it's MacBook Pro range even more appealing, otherwise people will give up and switch to something like the new Razer Blade laptop by razerzone.com to take the pain out of gaming ( http://www.razerzone.com/blade )
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    I think that is a hardware issue, the wireless works perfectly with my old 2007 aluminum macbook pro model. And i am sure i set it up correctly and i got the same problem as you do, and after doing more research, it is just a compatibility problem (even try manual spoof mac address), it seems the bluetooth lacks certain commands that the ps3 dual shock 3 needs to sync with. Driver or hardware issue, could be both.
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    re Bluetooth

    The only way I have found for Bluetooth to work is by using an external dongle and bypassing apples´internal bluetooth
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    All Feral games (released in the last few years and all patches) fully support the PS3 gamepad along with many others. However the Force FeedBack (FFB) feature requires drivers to work.

    Apple removed all FFB drivers from OS X Lion (Snow Leopard had some FFB drivers), Sony have not made any drivers for the Mac so the rumble feature is not accessible at this time.

    Feral games will look out for FFB drivers so if FFB drivers are installed in the future the game should just pick the drivers up and start working as long as the drivers follow the current/previous standards.

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    So, has anyone gotten this fully functional yet? Like with the motion control? I can't seem to find anything about it.
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    Please see my post in your other thread on this issue although it is not the answer you are seeking presently, you may ultimately want to consider it.
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    As soon as you sync the pad you get access to all the input's via USB HID, you can see all the motion control and the analogue and digital pickups for every button. The main thing is having games use it in a useful way but it all there.

    Force Feedback however is hard to access without some kind of drivers and I have not seen PS3 pads rumble on the Mac (yet).


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