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Jun 8, 2017
The issue i wonder is how the dynamic island works when you use one handed functionality, when you drag the screen down
The dynamic island remain on top? or it gets down with the display and we will have the middle just a blank gargabe UI ?!
I would assume that anything extending beyond the cutout will go down with the screen (so you can reach it for interaction), and that the middle normally filled by the cutout will simply remain black (just like the cutout). But it will be interesting to see how it looks like. It would certainly break the illusion of the island.


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Jan 27, 2011
looks like a early prototype phone not the real one;). the bottom of the notch is placed higher than the bottom of the island gaining more screen estate
I literally posted a screen shot of one of today’s review videos 😂

And the first one was from the reveal event.

The denial is strong.

Natya Sadella

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Jun 20, 2016

You know what? You were right. I received my 14 Pro yesterday, coming from 13 Pro. I don‘t know if it‘s just the new pill design and some kind of "optical illusion" but the island sits lower than the notch. The island is way, way more noticeable when using the phone. Even right now when using the keyboard, my eyes can see a floating pill on the screen. The notch was more or less invisible - but I don’t play games on my iphone or watch movies. In my use case the notch was literally invisible, you had to pay attention to notice it. The pill is always there.

Reachability is a joke too. Why didn‘t they just put a way darker hue of the background in the upper area when activating reachability?? You literally have TWO islands on your screen. I mean, yeah cool, it‘s "THAT dynamic that it can clone itself" (and you will love it twice) but c‘mon. Just be patient and wait till you can realize Under-Display-ULTRA-Face-ID and use smaller versions of the notch instead. Maybe with a small strip of a software LED above the Face-ID area under the speaker that can show you a animation when there are unread notifications. And above the Homebar a software pill like we have now but slightly smaller and just visible when in use. Like some kind of speed app switcher and notification system bar whatever.

Always-On-Display? I like the idea but what apple has done here is ridicolous. You ALWAYS think you forgot to put your phone in standby. Terrible. Some said it‘s way too bright but thats‘s not the case here. Brightness is just perfect but for the love of god just show a pitch black wallpaper.

I had the X, the Xs, the 11 Pro, 12 Pro, 13 Pro and now 14 Pro. Please Apple. I beg you on my knees. LET. ME. FINALLY. DISABLE. THE. ******. HOMEBAR!!! Five years now, even Android Users know how to get back to the homescreen of an iphone that has no homebutton. We know how it works by now. Ridicolous.
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