Early 2009 Macbook Pro Fan sound?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Babba, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Hi there,

    Using this mbp for a year now...it used to be super silent..no sound from the fans..only a little hdd sound which is normal..Yesterday i was watching a movie on Performance mode, the gpu ( or cpu ?) was so so so hot...and fan started to work...i closed it..went to bed..woke up..now i started my computer and the fan is still working(very very low sound...not disturbing or anything but it wasnt there before)..this fan sound is coming under somewhere below the right speaker..i bet its the gpu fan..? how can i close it again..as i said, it used to be off...

    ps: Do you any noise when you use your macbook pro except your harddisk?

    Interesting: When i use smcFancontrol, its default 2300rpm..not 2000..when i set it to 2000, it doesnt..when i set it to 4000...it only raises the fan speed for 2-3 seconds..then it goes back to 2300...hmm
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    The fan(s) have always been on. They really are silent though at low (2000) RPM. I have the 17" Early 2009. The only sound I hear is a very slight whooshing sound from the 7200 RPM HD. If I stress the CPU/GPU, I'll hear some fan noise once they get above about 3200 RPM. Even when running at max speeds, they are still relatively quiet.

    If you close the machine while it's still warm, with fans running, they might come on momentarily when waking the machine. However, they should return to normal RPM once the temps have dropped. When you're running in "performance" mode (9600), the GPU does run warmer than the 9400. Depending on what the encoding of the movie is, you might find the 9400 will work just fine - and run a bit cooler.

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