editing from Desktop with fusion drive?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by dupsta, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. dupsta macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2010
    Does it matter where you save media if you only have 1 fusion system drive?

    Working with a 3TB fusion drive on an iMac. OS Yosemite

    Nothing is partitioned. No plans of an external drive either.

    Technically can you save a 1TB project right onto your desktop and work off it? Instead of building out a directory inside your system drive somewhere. Will saving everything to your desktop bog you down anymore than tucking your 1TB project neatly away in your system drive in a new folder, nice and tidy.

    Disregard, organization, ease of use. Is there any diff in performance since it is just all going onto the system drive anyway, but one path starts from the desktop and the other is not. Can you just put everything including your apps right onto the desktop?
    Again I understand having an external drive is best, separate OS and media. I am just curious if it matters where anything goes if you only can work off the system drive. Does the desktop have more priority on the fusion drive than media stored somewhere else? Will it get bogged down more or less with saving a grip load of media right onto the desktop scattered all over? Just curios as i would never never do this as it wold be a mess, but technically is there a diff if all you got is that one 3 TB fusion drive?
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    The path shouldn't make any difference. There is a possibility the Finder might be slowed some if there are a lot of items on the Desktop, but these days it shouldn't be noticeable (my own Desktop looks like someone sneezed icons on it). In any event, accessing a file should be the same no matter where it's stored within a drive.

    The way a Fusion drive works, you don't have any control over what data is stored on the SSD and what is on the HDD. From what I've learned, CoreStorage (OS X) does a very good job of managing files for the user. Anything actively being worked on should be automatically moved to the SSD.
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    A 1TB project is going to be almost entirely on the HDD. You only have 128GB of SSD storage, so somewhere between none of it and a (very) small fraction will be on the SSD no matter where you save it.

    So no, where you shove it makes no difference. But you can assume that you will be basically operating at HDD speeds.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    Thanks, this answers my hypothetical question.
    This will not be attempted or used. This was just hypothetical.
    Thanks again.

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