El Capitan installation in Unsupported MacPro 1,1 2,1 [Simplified]

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  1. Ted W, Dec 12, 2015
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    Ted W macrumors newbie

    May 12, 2014
    I have a MacPro 1,1 where I changed the CPU to a Xeon Quad Core 2.66 GHz X5355. Initially I used 64 0n 32 app that on a clean install worked awesome [Thanks so much Oemden!]

    Now that El Capitan came out I wanted to upgrade. I also had a few Apps that looked for the updated OS. I felt kind of anxious, I read the thread here on El Capitan on early Mac Pro an excellent thread started and supported by Mr. Zarniwoop A macrumors demigod who's Avatar is Don't Panic - So I did - I panicked.

    I freed up a week, I closed myself in a room with a 250 GB SSD, I stocked up on Valium. I read the thread again and again it seemed so complicated, I ordered more Valium. Finally last night I decided to brave it. I started as suggested by 666sheep with connecting the SSD to my MacBook and Installed El Capitan [From the App Store] on the SSD. I then run the CapitanPikeFix on that SSD disk.

    I then placed the SSD in my MacPro 1,1 assigned the SSD as my StartUp Disk on System Preferences and I was all done. The first thing the mac did on start up was asking to update the OS so I let it do it. No Problem.

    Just to reiterate. I did not develop or invent anything. The Geniuses and MacGods are Pike [Thank you man, I hope you are doing better!] Mr Zarniwoop, 666sheep and rthpjm.

    The Classic Mac Pro with SSD and 32GB RAM is amazing, why Apple is blocking us from eating these fruits is beyond me, nevertheless with the above we can now have the forbidden fruit.

    I am attaching the Black and Gray version of the script to install Pike Bootloader as in 666sheep's Post #1253


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  2. Ted W thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 12, 2014
    Just a simplified short note on a Clean Install of the OS and keeping your Old Data

    The Idea of having a SSD is to increase the speed of operation of the OS and your programs. The Data you have [Pictures Documents etc] can stay in your old HD so assuming your Home Directory is in one of your HD and you installed the OS as above [a new - clean install] you then change your new Home to where your Old Home was and Automagicly all your date is back.

    I reinstalled the programs I work with so they will benefit from the speed of the SSD but the data remains in my HD.

    There are many references on how to change where your Mac is looking for your Home Directory here is just one.

    bon chance

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