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Apr 12, 2001

Last year, accessory company Elago launched the W3 Charging Stand for Apple Watch, which turned Apple's modern wearable into a classic Macintosh. This week, Elago announced the latest iteration of its classic stand lineup, this one called the Elago W5 Stand, modeled after the original Nintendo Game Boy.


The stand works with all Apple Watch models, is compatible with Nightstand Mode, and includes a cutout to place your inductive puck charger (not included) into the stand. The stand is made from scratch-free silicone, which the company says protects the watch while it's in the stand and prevents it from moving around.

The W5 Stand comes in four colors according to an image on Elago's website: Red, Indigo, Black, and Light Grey. As of writing, only Black and Light Grey are available to purchase on and Amazon. The stand is cheaper on Amazon, running for $14.99.


Besides the W3 Stand for Apple Watch, Elago has also released the M4 Stand for iPhone, which turned an iPhone 7, 6s, or 6 into a classic Mac.

Article Link: Elago's New 'W5 Stand' Turns Your Apple Watch Into an Original Nintendo Game Boy


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Jun 22, 2006
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Brilliant -- if it actually worked. If the buttons were Bluetooth controllers and there was an app that resurrected the old Nintendo games, I'd bet Elago would sell of ton of them. But as just a decorative charging stand, not so much. I agree that it's cute, though.

Shadow Jolteon

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Feb 1, 2018
This looks mostly decent and probably well-made, but... It really has no functionality outside of being a stand for your watch, and I do wonder how well it'd stand up when your watch is on it with the bands on. It seems like it'd just fall backwards with how small it is. It also looks like it'd be a bit awkward to put your watch into and take out every morning. I'm sure people will like it well enough just for the appearance, though.
Diddy Kong racing was another really fun game.
Diddy Kong Racing was released only on the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS. But yeah, that was a fantastic game! Definitely one of my favorites on the 64.


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Jan 7, 2014
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Looks really cool. But also looks like it would be near impossible to turn off the alarm when it was going off. Can you access the button or crown at all when the watch is in this thing?
The watch is inserted in a slot. Looking at the images, the button and crown are easily accessible from the same slot.

Wait - so this doesn't do a single thing? It's a piece of plastic that looks like a miniature gameboy and nothing else? The buttons don't actually function at all?
It's a $15 decorative AW charger-holder. Not sure what one would be expecting it to do at $15 besides charge the AW and look cute.
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Jul 3, 2018
Wait - so this doesn't do a single thing? It's a piece of plastic that looks like a miniature gameboy and nothing else? The buttons don't actually function at all?

Yeah the “journalist” that wrote this article was being EXTREMELY liberal with the phrase: “turns your Apple Watch into a GameBoy”, lol.
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