Electromagnetic engineer discredits Consumer's report on iphone4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by yodaxl7, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Yeah, well my friend (he's a rocket scientist) says that that guy is full of it. :rolleyes:

    Whatever. Dude trying to get some traffic on his blog. I guarantee far more people will read and trust what Consumer Reports has to say than some nobody on the Internet. ;)
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    Jan 25, 2010
    I disagree. I do have a degree in biomedical engineering. What the other engineer saids make sense. CR test does not sound like it was tested in a control environment.
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    Consumer Reports vs. Some guy who started a crappy Wordpress blog. Who should I believe?

    His main argument is that they should have done the test without people in the room? Good call.

    No matter how many little loopholes and problems with testing all these people come up with fir why the tests aren't "scientific" enough, the fact remains that many people are having these problems in a number of different environments. Nothing is going to change that. The phone has a hardware flaw. Get over it.
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    How would you even be able to test the "death grip" if you cant grip it because you are not in the same room?
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    Mar 11, 2010
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    "No, I'm not a radio antenna design engineer with a background in electromagnetic dispersion and microwave antenna energy dispersion... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night..."

    Crap, crap, megacrap...

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    Who uses his phone in a "anechoic chamber"? The tests are about normal cellphone use environment, not about lab environment. That was probably the problem in the first place; when tested by apple the phone was OK in the lab, but outside the problems showed up.
    Not nonsense, but in this case not relevant.
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    There are two kind of tests you cand o in a situation like this: use enormous amounts of user data and compare that to another heap of data from other devices. That way you can tell if something changed. E.g. the number of dropped calls compared to the number of calls made or the amount of minutes called. If you use the data from 1000's of phones that will give you something meaningful.
    If you don't have that, the only way you can test and say how one (or 5, 10) iphone 4 does compare to a iphone 3GS (or 5, 10) is to test it in a controlled environment.
    CR didn't do that, so from a scientific point of view there test is useless.

    If you read the report, you see that the iphone 4 does work better than any other smartphone CR tested!! Also an EVO.
    but they where able to recreate the dropped signal bars. Apple stated that there is a flaw in the representation of the bars vs the signal, so using that as a measurement is questionable to say the very, very least.

    I have an iphone 4 and IMHO it holds much better it's signal then my 3G, my wifes 3GS, a coworkers 3G etc. It also has a much better sound quality overall. There is nothing scientific here, just IMHO, just my own user experience. I've only read a couple of reports of people stating that they have much more dropped calls. But I've seen an enormous bunch of people telling that they can lower the signal bars. Wooohooo, I can lower the signal bars on a Nokia 3310, my old Vertu ascent, the HTC of my coworkers, hell the 1st iphone had much more dropped voice call quality when the black plastic part was covered.

    And no, I'm not an Apple fanboy, I see the flaws they've made (especial lately) and I experience the same communication Apple has with it's customers. Or the lack thereof. I'm really worried that Apple is starting to push out products that have faults they know of and still push it out to keep the schedule/buzz/hype they've made.
    But Apple is one of the few organizations that did give me feedback when having trouble with my products. They have a superb customers service when it comes to guarantee, repairs etc. I really wished more companies would be so professional and cool at the same time. So far they have always been pretty good when handling problems.
    Just look at the front page and look at the time machine-problem from 2008... Would Dell/HP/Packard Bell/Toshiba ever do such a thing? Hell, I had to press Toshiba really had to repair my 2 months old laptop (costing well over €2000 at the time) when the screen stopped working. And when it returned after two weeks the network adapter didn't work either, so it needed to go back into repairs for another 4 weeks.
    When Apple had faulty Nvidia graphic processors (something to do with the glue inside the chip?!) they replaced my logic/motherboard for free even though the computer was well over 2 years old. No argument, no trouble, they just said: we'll test it, if it is the graphic's chip, we'll replace it, if not we give you a call so you can decide what to do.
    Three days later there was a brand new board inside and a kind apology for the failure of the laptop.
    Tell me, what other company does give you that kind of service?
    So give Apple a bit of time and space to do what they think is best, it's not like they have been trying to trick & fool everybody time and again.
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    I work in a hospital and I remember that I had to take my hospital-issued pager to bio med to have them replace a missing screw in it lol.
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    I've stopped reading any threads by sheep that list their "apple equipment" in their signiture, they have one purpose and that is eating grass.
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    this...is a mac forum...

    just like if you were to go to a linux forum and see linux distros in their sigs, or pc overclocking forums with pc builds in their sigs, and yes, stay with me now, android forums with android devices in their sig. I guess those people are all sheep too. If we're going to talk about flocks then the wintel flock is the biggest flock of them all. that kind of language and generalizing is the kind that makes me not take people like YOU seriously, along with your join date.
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    Yes my join date comes into this. Big ol' e-Penis you have there.
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    The only thing I'll comment on is - it doesn't matter if this guy discredits CR or not. His audience is nil in comparison. His "credits" equally so (no disrespect to the author). Point is - I could write a blog confirming or refuting the report as could anyone here. CR has done the damage and it would take an "equal" to counter it. Not a blogger.
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    I've gone and misplaced my troll feeding stick.

    back on point, this electromagnetic electric engineer, sadly is just one voice in a the big screaming mouth of CR.

    He does make a point though, apple needs to speak up and quit beating around the bush while everyone else in the industry is taking shots
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    This thinking could be what led to the iPhone 4 problems. Too much testing on paper and in labs and not enough real-world testing.

    If he's just trying to say CR can't categorically say the iPhone's problem is because of a defective antenna... OK. But the problem still exists and their opinion of a non-recommend is still valid.
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    Where bunnies are welcome.
    Were you quoting yourself there, because it surely can't be inferred from the article:

    You're the one who stated sigs came into play, no?
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    Back to the blog(ger) for a second. I found his blog post too colloquial to be quoted (not that it was intended to be) and the "about bob" had this " I’m always open to creating some spirited, and defensible, fear, uncertainty and doubt dialogue about almost anything across the high technology landscape."

    That, of course, can be interpreted many ways. For one - it could be that he just enjoys stirring up crap because it amuses him.
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    Wow guys, bite the blogger's head off some more just for voicing his opinions. Of course this isn't going to do anything to CR, nor does this try to discredit people's claims about there being hardware issues. This is just a guy who is qualified in the field saying what he feels is going on and why he thinks CR did it wrong. Thing is, he isn't the only engineer who has specialties in electromagnetism and radio that has said the same thing. Point is it's an interesting read and perspective to think about.
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    Where bunnies are welcome.
    I think we have some members in this forum that feel the same. :)
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    I'm only going to reply because this thread currently resides at the top of the heap.

    1. This blog post is pure crap.
    2. The OP is probably the blogger and is trying to drive traffic.
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    Q. F. T. Aggie LOL
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    Who would listen to Consumer Report in the first place. :p :apple:
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    Hey, newbie! How's it going over there? :rolleyes:

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