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Dec 17, 2013
I know that, played it myself :)....on W10....but on Mac, not sure there's anything you can do....


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Aug 7, 2011
What kind of "useful advice" are you looking for? Your question is quite vague.

Elite: Dangerous runs on Mac. You can use USB joysticks, etc. What is missing from the Mac version is the Horizons expansion, this is Windows-only. So, if you want to be able to play/use the Horizons expansion then you need Windows, everything else is or should be the same between Mac and Windows gameplay.
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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
I play it quite a bit, but on Windows. Because OpenGL on macOS lacks compute shaders (and porting to Metal isn't practical) only the first season is available in the Mac version, so you miss out on quite a lot. On the Windows version I have TrackIR too (head-tracking) which is a great addition to the game, and isn't officially supported on macOS.
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