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    Unfortunately I believe there's much confusion regarding the official launch of the Apple Watch. Not only from us, but even from Apple employees themselves. It's not typical, but because of this I reached out via Tim Cook's email. The message reads as follows:

    "Hi Tim, congratulations on the pre-order success of the Apple watch. It's a wonderful, beautifully crafted forward thinking product that I know anyone who gets their hands on will love. I had a fabulous time trying it on this evening.

    With that said, I see the Apple Watch launch advertised as the 24th of April, which is great. When I heard that, along with many others, I looked forward to ordering it then or at least reserving it the night before to pick up at the Apple Store, similar to every other launch Apple's done.

    I'm now hearing from reputable sources that "The Apple Watch will not be available on *launch* day.".

    Yes, I did have to read that a few times to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding it. Apparently, the several articles mention that the pre order is the only method of obtaining the Watch on or after the 24th. So, my question to you is - am I misunderstanding this along with I'm sure millions of others waiting to buy it in store on the 24th? With all due respect, The Apple Store is a retail store, where things should be stocked and available for purchase. As well designed as the try on tables are, the Apple retail store is not simply a "try on and order it online (like I could have at home)" gateway, in my humble opinion.

    In fact, I did try ordering the Watch (specifically the 42mm SS w/ Milanese Loop) at 3:01am, the site not loading on multiple devices for me, regardless of the network I was connected to. Again, I tried at 3:05am, slowly losing my chance of getting the preorder through before sell out. Eventually, I was able to access the site at 3:40am, only to find not only the model I wanted, but almost every other model had either a 4-6 week shipping wait, all the way to June. This is not exactly the most luxurious of methods for a launch that's so focused on providing the utmost customer experience but nonetheless, "Fine", I said - disappointed but not entirely upset, "I'll just have to join the crowd again at the Store this year.", I said to myself - "It'll give me something to look forward to".

    Then, as I looked into this further, I found this:

    "To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period," said Angela Ahrendts.

    I apologize for this if I'm mistaken, but with all the (little) information surrounding the launch, this leads me to believe that the launch is no longer.

    I think it'd be silly not to believe that there will be queues lined up around the globe on launch day if the "online exclusive" information regarding the (false) advertisement of a launch day isn't spread soon and fast.

    The way I see it is, April 10th should have been marketed as the launch, it should have been carefully explained that it will be an online exclusive launch until supply can meet demand. If that were said, then what I'm hearing would make complete sense. But why go on to announce a launch day of what is essentially just a delivery day for pre orders.

    Never has a preorder delivery date meant launch.

    Now, if the Watch will indeed be available on launch day, as it rightly should, even with limited stock, then it's appropriate to label it launch day.

    Sorry for going on about it, but I can't help but say I'm surprised at how Ill informed retail staff, both online and in-store, are about this matter - and the Watch in general. I've heard several comments ranging from - "you'll be able to reserve one for store pickup beginning on the 23rd" all the way to what the reports have been saying, "the watch will only be available to order online, just as it is now, come launch day", said another. This is not how an Apple launch should be ran, and this alone is disappointing coming from a company of such magnitude.

    If anything, I'd appreciate a reply from someone informed on the matter so things can be cleared up. I'm not at all associated with the press, just a loyal, somewhat worried fan of Apple.

    So my question to you:
    Is the 24th really a launch date, or is it a delivery timeframe for the mostly unadvertised preorder?

    Thank you for helping to clear the confusion,

    TL;DR: Is the 24th really a launch date, or is it a delivery timeframe for the mostly unadvertised preorder?

    Does anyone else agree with the points made?

    Who else is somewhat frustrated with the launch thus far?

    The intent of the thread wasn't to start a mockery of emailing essentially escalated Apple customer support, we all know this doesn't go directly to Tim. I simply wanted to start a discussion based on what the launch has been. If you'd like to add to that, then by all means go ahead.

    I thought it'd be appropriate to create this new thread regarding the reply as this thread became somewhat messy.

    I received a lengthy call back from the executive relations team at Apple. Believe me or not, at least a few of you might find it interesting to know that not only did Tim did read the email, it also came to the attention of the executive team involved in the launch. This brought some new interesting information.

    It was said that this point is what caught their eye the most:

    "I think it'd be silly not to believe that there will be queues lined up around the globe on launch day if the "online exclusive" information regarding the (false) advertisement of a launch day isn't spread soon and fast."

    He mentioned that due to these points made, discussion surrounding in-store stock on launch day, as well as the marketing advertising the 04.24.15 date are being considered with "great concern".

    I was also told (what I assumed) it wasn't out of the question that course could change again, nothing is final from now until the 24th. It may very well be available in stores then.

    Further more, he said that June preorders will most likely ship sooner than June. Of course he didn't make any promises, but that's the reason Apple is announcing such an extended ship date after all - to avoid disappointment through false guarantees.

    Lastly, he mentioned that Apple still cares deeply about the launch experience, saying that lines aren't exactly a thing of the past like it's been implied. They just hope to improve "how" we wait in line (eg. new reservation system), eliminating a large number of the negatives associated with it. We know that many still like that experience.

    Much of what he said is what I'm sure many of us already assumed, but it's still worth mentioning.

    Now, this isn't to say that this email is the reason they're further thinking about this issue - I'm sure they've been, but I do think every bit of feedback does count. This is more or less about the fact that Apple truly cares about the customer experience more than any other technology company, arguably more than any other brand.
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    I think you wasted your time. Cook is not jobs you have no chance of a reply
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    What, exactly, are you hoping to accomplish? Cook writes you back and says 'Gee, you are right, we will release on the 24th'.

    Some of you people need to get ahold of yourselves and join us back here on planet Earth. Yes, Apple flubbed on the launch. Yes, it is a bit annoying. But are you so inconvenienced that you seek the attention of a CEO of a muti-billion dollar company to hear your cries?
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    I don't necessarily expect Tim to reply, I know it's read by one of his receptionists. I'm just asking for clarity, because I don't believe we've yet been given any official response as to whether or not it will be available in retail stores on launch day. Apple has a near perfect customer service track record, so I don't think it's asking much from a company that should definitely have the answers straight from the get go.
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    Has Apple stated that it "will be available in retail stores on launch day"? If not, then don't count on it or you're setting yourself up for disappointment. It will be available in retail stores when it's available in retail stores.
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    Tim Cook doesn't read this mailbox. It is being forwarded to his assistants, which do respond...
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    Is that "gateway" as in "country store"? You may be onto something. Maybe this is a test for a new retail model.
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    Dude, you are my hero! I lol'd.
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    Amazing how people are up in arms or angry about the launch. Nothing is perfect. Just because you may not be getting it on day 1 doesn't mean your world is coming to an end. When the watch comes, it will come. Just need to be patient.

    life is too short to be angry about a launch of a smart watch.
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    I respectfully suggest that you condense your thoughts into a succinct paragraph next time. No one there will take the time to truly read such a long email.

    Maybe something like:

    Dear Tim,

    I'm confused about the launch of the Apple Watch. Will there be any retail stock on the 24th, or is that simply the delivery date of the initial pre-orders?

    Thanks for any clarification and congratulations on a successful pre-order.

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    Yup, I've heard back from them in the past (as opposed to SJ, who wrote me back personally on two or three occasions)

    That said, I didn't bother reading the OP's book, and I doubt they will, either. Keep it short and sweet, dude!
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    I read too much of that. You need to let up a bit! I understand it may seem frustrating but product launches are always very shaky and stock is always limited. Getting a Wii U required dumb luck or subscribing to a notification service and getting on your laptop within 5 minutes before stock would be sold out at, etc. lol :p

    That's obviously a very specific example but ya get my point as it happens all the time.
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    You make a good point, although hopefully the points I brought up, although bulky, can actually start semi-decent discussion about this.

    It's not that I'm broken to pieces because I can't be the first to have it, it's just concerning overall for a launch of such a major product.
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    That's just it. It's Apples first venture into watches and they were being cautious. besides, I think it's takes a heck of a lot longer making the  watch than any other smartwatch on the market, thus for the short supply at launch.
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    It's certainly new ground for a launch. The lack of communication is annoying, I agree.
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    Lots of mixed messages. Oh well. It sucks but I can wait until June.

    I do miss hearing about those short SJ replies though. I'd imagine, after this long email, he'd reply back with something like...

    from: Steve Jobs <>
    date: Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 9:21 PM
    subject: Re: Launch Confusion


    Sent from my iPhone
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    Translation. You didn't make enough and I'm mad that since I had a problem getting my preorder in in time to make the initial shipments, I would now prefer to wait in line like people do for iPhones except that since you didn't make enough yet I can't do that either.

    I want it when I want it and I'm upset that I'll have to wait longer than I thought I would. Waaaaa.

    That about sum it up. Ever hear of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo, Playstation 3 or other game console releases. This is how it goes sometimes. I do think you need to get over yourself.

    As for your they didn't inform us well enough, here's what you can do. Stop worrying about your spilled milk, order the option you want if you haven't already, and get on with your regular life until you get your watch.

    Then, and this is really important, keep getting on with your regular life after you get it, because I see a) you are going to be so consumed using this thing it will suck up more of your time 'managing' your life, and b) it's not going to change your life.

    I do apologize for the editorialized commentary on you as it pertains to society and gadget OCD, but I think a lot of people really need to step back a second and get some perspective. "somewhat worried Apple fan." What was there a shooting on the Cupertino campus, or something else that should have Apple fans actually worried and concerned.
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    lol! would've definitely kept it short and sweet then.

    I think you misinterpreted the email but that last line gave me a laugh. I sent it out of curiosity to what would happen is all, don't think there's harm in that.
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    What a great re-write. I admire your ability to condense the whole message into four sentences. Seriously, I do.
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