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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by dpearman2007, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    I'm really trying to figure out which computer to get, either a higher end mini, the i7 quad, or a 13inch mbp, the base model. Now I realize these are two totally different machines. One task I'm interested in doing would be encoding a video, say an MKV to avi or other format that'd play on my iPhone or ATV. I'm curious if anyone would be able to share how long it takes them to encode, say a 90 minute movie in handbrake or some other program. I did this the other day on my white MB, with 2gigs of ram and a 2.26 C2D, and it took about 18 minutes to do a 22 minute episode of south park, I'm hoping I'll see a drastic improvement in the mac mini or MBP. If people say they're able to encode a movie in an acceptable amount of time on a MBP, then thats the way I'll go. So, encoding times ladies and gentlemen?

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    1080p Bluray main movie to MP4 H.264 in one step using DVDfab Bluray ripper on 2011 Mac Mini Server (configuration in signature) is about 90 minutes without Intel Quicksync. So that's about 60fps. DVD main movies to WMV are about 20-30 minutes up to 180 fps. Intel Quicksync improves performance a lot but most encoding apps still have artifacts.
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    depends on frame rates. a server mac mini will do 1080p at about half time or 12 minutes of movie in 6 minutes your tv shows are most likely not 1080 p so i would say maybe it would do your show in less then half 9 or 10 minutes.

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