Phones End of the Xperia Z series?!

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    When Sony announced three new Xperias earlier this week, it wasn't really apparent where they fit into its grander smartphone plans. Turns out, the X, XA and X Performance are its future.

    Since 2013 Sony's flagships have been defined by the letter "Z." We've seen over 10 smartphones with the label, the latest of which were the Xperia Z5 Compact, Z5 and Z5 Premium, released last fall. That led many to expect that, at some point in 2016, an Xperia Z6 series would arrive to replace it. But that's not going to happen. Speaking to the British site uSwitch, a Sony Mobile senior product marketing manager confirmed that Sony "will not be releasing a Z6," adding that it's "turning to the next stage with the Xperia X series."

    Interesting news indeed.. any thoughts?
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    Well Sony were in need of either some sort of drastic redesign of the Z series or a rebrand , they went with the latter.

    IMO their fast paced release schedule truly diluted and ruined the Z series, had they been a little slower and focused on one Compact flagship, one Normal flagship and one Phablet flagship, with releases spread out through the year, they wouldn't have had to rebrand so quickly.

    The X Performance is also rather underwhelming, it's almost as if Sony are slowly throwing in the towel.
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    It is just a change in letter from Z to X. No big deal. It isn't like Sony was going to use the letter Z infinitely. Eventually other companies will change their flagship name and letter to something else.

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