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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released the fifth betas of iOS and iPadOS 15 to developers, introducing additional tweaks to the new operating system that's launching this fall.

As we get further into the beta testing process, the changes that are introduced are getting smaller as Apple begins to finalize its design plans for the update. Today's beta focuses on small changes and refinements to iOS and iPadOS 15 features.

Weather App Icon

The design of the Weather app icon has been tweaked slightly. It's a darker blue than the prior version.

iOS 15 b4 Weather app icon on left, iOS 15 b5 Weather app icon on right​

Safari Reload Icon

In Safari, when the address bar is collapsed while in the full web page view, the reload icon has been removed from the URL bar. The reload icon still shows in the standard view.


In the prior beta, the reload icon was shown in both views that are demonstrated in the screenshot above. In the current beta, it only shows in the standard view.

iPadOS 15 Safari

In iPadOS 15, today's beta changes the shading of the tab interface in Safari in an effort to make it more clear which tab is the active tab.


iPadOS 15 Home Screen Settings

In the Settings app under Home Screen & Dock, there's now an option on the iPad to use large icons.


With the feature enabled, icons take up more space on the screen so there's less empty area, and it's also easier to tap on the app icon that you need.


Control Center Camera Icon

Apple in an earlier beta refined the icon for the Camera app, and in iOS 15 beta 5, the camera icon in the Control Center is using the newly updated icon rather than the old icon.


Design wise, the new icon does away with the shutter button.

Old camera icon on left, new camera icon on right​

Control Center Sound Recognition Icon

Apple has also changed the icon for the Sound Recognition feature in the Control Center. It was previously a sound wave in a square, but now it is a sound wave with a little magnifying glass search icon.


iPhone Power Off

When turning off the iPhone, there's now a tappable warning that the iPhone will remain findable after it's turned off. If you tap on it, there's an option to "Temporarily Turn Off Finding."


Splash Screens

Apple has added new splash screens with feature descriptions for apps like Photos, Reminders, Home, and Maps.


Background Sounds

There's a new option to turn off Background Sounds when an iPhone is locked, which can be found under Settings > Accessibility > Audio and Visual> Background Sounds.

TestFlight Info in App Store

When you look up an app in the App Store, if you have the TestFlight version installed from a developer, the App Store listing will display the TestFlight version that you have installed and will offer a link to open the TestFlight app.


Legacy Contacts

According to Apple's release notes for the update, Legacy Contacts has been removed in beta 5 and will be re-added in a later update.

Other New Features

Know of something new in the beta that we left out? Let us know in the comments below.

Article Link: Everything New in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 5
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May 16, 2021
What are legacy contacts?
Legacy contacts are people you designate to access your data should you die, recovery contacts are people you designate to assist you should you be locked out of your account. Designate them on OSX and they’ll be sent info via iMessage about the program or you can choose to print a code to physically give them. That being said, Legacy contacts have been removed in beta 5 as per developer notes:

  • Legacy Contacts has been removed from iOS & iPadOS 15 beta 5 and will return in a future release. (81292885)
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Jun 19, 2010
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Been a dream for find my to work with airplane mode / toggled cellular / powered off phone.

Was looking forward to the security of “find my” even when the phone was turned off… too bad someone can just select to disable when turning off the phone… maybe one day.
Yeah, I was also pretty disappointed that this is now an option. The whole point of Find My (from a security aspect) is to recover your device... now the lowlife can just disable it.
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