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Apr 12, 2001

MacRumors has received a number of reports today from users who have been unable to access their iCloud mail accounts, and a growing thread in Apple's discussion forums is documenting the growing complaints.

According to user reports, iCloud mail went down around 9:30 AM Eastern Time this morning, and it remains out some seven hours later. Apple updated its iCloud System Status page at 10:08 AM Eastern Time to note that Mail and Notes were down for some users, but pegged the issue as affecting less than 1% of users.


iCloud services do go down from time to time, although the downtime is usually fairly brief, as evidenced by a short half-hour outage just yesterday. And while Apple's status update indicates that only a small number of users are being affected by this latest outage, for those who are unable to access their mail the extended seven-hour downtime may be a significant inconvenience.

Apple has provided no estimate of when affected users can expect iCloud mail services to return, noting only that they "will be restored ASAP".

Article Link: Extended iCloud Mail Outage Generating User Complaints


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Jan 1, 2004
Los Angeles
My mail has been down on and off for months. Says I have to many emails? huh?! really I havent been using emails there since the iCoud migration because of the spotty service. Then had another prompt say something else when I logged into iCloud. Should of taken screens shots to post here.

Apple get with it. Were talking a email service that doesnt work and you want me to feel confident in storing my life, music, photos, and documents in your iCloud. Give me back MobileMe already.

Dont want to sound bitter but all my email contact are no linked to Google because that service has been bomber... please get with it


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Oct 20, 2008
Apple mail just plain sucks. It was horrible as Emails would sporadically disappear into the void from all synced devices and the server, as if they never existed. During that period the promise was would fix it. Unfortunately the problems persisted on I'm sad to hear that iCloud has the same problem. Perhaps Apple has bitten off more than they can chew.


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Jan 13, 2009
Costa mesa
Apple - Works perfect for me.

Apple - Works perfect for me. - only down once that I can remember here in So Cal . I would have to say some internet providers lose port security and email will not go thought . so maybe the blame is the Comcast or ATT TWC etc. I have had a lot more issues with TWC than Apple.


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Dec 11, 2009
iCloud mail is a mess

I have lost track of the number of times that the iCloud mail system has rejected my password. :mad:

The system need a major overhaul.


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Sep 15, 2005
Orlando, FL
I'd wager if we ducked over to message boards that focus on other platforms, i.e. Google, Yahoo, RIM :p, whatever it is, we'd see the same degree of frustrated users whenever email services go down. People don't have any idea how much effort it takes to keep these systems going, how many variables have to work just right in order for all these systems to stay afloat.. I for one applaud each of those companies (well, except RIM :D I don't personally know anybody who's happy with them right now) for making their systems work as well as they do, and I've honestly found Apple's system (be it, MobileMe, or iCloud) works far more consistently and error-free than any other system/platform/whatever I've used before.

Russell L

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Aug 10, 2006
San Francisco
There was a moment this morning when Mail asked for my password to send out an e-mail (something that only happens to me when something's going on with the server). Other than that, no problems here.


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Aug 14, 2007
My mail has been down on and off for months.

Mine too. Keeps asking for my password over and over, and a lot of times it's just down. For whatever reason it's not as bad on my iOS devices as my desktop ... really freakin annoying.
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Aug 24, 2009
It was stuff like this that pushed me to using other mail services. Mail since MobileMe hasn't really gotten any better.


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Jun 9, 2008
I'm always amazed when people complain that a FREE service goes down. If you want something reliable, buy it.


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Dec 14, 2011
Still no e-mail

E-mail issues started for me yesterday at around 2pm. I haven't been able to check e-mail since then or it would only show me a few new e-mails. It's really frustrating!

I'm losing my patience for homepage, .mac, @me, MobileMe, iDisk, and now iCloud. I wonder how many more re-brandings Apple will have to do.

Does anyone with gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, or aol experience outages like this? Unacceptable.
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