External display randomly goes black every 10 minutes

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by peteyio, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hey all,

    I have a 2017 MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar 15". Whenever I am home from work, I often dock it with an Acer XR342CK 34" widescreen curved monitor alongside connect up a wireless keyboard/mouse etc.

    Without going into the long story, this is in fact my second MacBook Pro from Apple as my first one had several faults - so this laptop is essentially brand new - just a couple of weeks old.

    Since getting this new laptop from Apple (new and sealed), I've been having an issue whereby every 10 or so minutes, my external display will go black for no reason - for around 2-3 seconds, before then returning to normal. Everything is still going on in the background and music still plays - the screen simply goes black out of nowhere - something I didn't have an issue with on my first MacBook Pro 2017.

    I connect to the monitor using a USB-C to DisplayPort cable - I've tried 2 of them from 2 different brands with the same result. I've also tried replacing the power brick with another one to no avail. If I connect with a HDMI cable through the Multi-AV Adaptor, everything is fine but I only get 30Hz instead of the 75Hz through DisplayPort.

    Any ideas?
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    Same thing happening to me, with the addition of the colours becoming inverted...[​IMG]
    Anything yet?

    (The picture is a photo of Office Excel by the way...)

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    On a 2017?
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    GPUs can die at any moment.
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    Not sure I necessarily agree. If I use my work monitor which is an LG 34" curved at the same resolution over HDMI, there's 0 issues whatsoever. It's only when driving the same resolution over USB-C to DP that there's a problem.

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