FaceTime trolling/misuse/harassment

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    I've got a couple of teenaged-sounding trolls harassing my nine year old over FaceTime. I don't know how they happened upon his address. Here has been my response.

    1) Advised my son on DNFTT. He is nine, so he has indeed been feeding the trolls. At least he's smart enough to have kept the camera covered.

    2) Instructed my son to refuse all calls from unknown people. No more feeding the trolls, period.

    3) Answered a couple of calls myself and had some incoherent conversations that didn't get far enough for me to tell them it's time to stop.

    4) Didn't tell anyone they dun goofed.

    5) Sent a direct and firm e-mail to the three addresses they've been calling from.
    Cc'd abuse@apple.com and abuse@yahoo.com with an uncensored version of the image below.

    Is there a process for reporting FaceTime misuse? Is there any way to block unwanted FaceTime calls with a blacklist? Or only receive FaceTime calls from approved contacts? Any other suggestions?

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    Well thats no good.
    What if you tried a different FaceTime email ID?
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    Truth, this may be your best option now. In addition, find out how your son's email address got out like that (forums, chat rooms, school etc).

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