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Dec 27, 2010
Here is a quick review I just read about the new Fantastical 2 update that adds Apple Watch support.

My thoughts so far:

• Great addition, I like the Fantastical glance better than the built in glance
• There is no calendar view in the Fantastical Watch app itself. The built in calendar was already pretty limited, but this is far more restricted.
• The siri integration was spotty the first few times I tried it. But I added a recurring every other week timed event with location "Pick up Foo at Bar very other Thursday at 7PM" and it worked!
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Jun 28, 2007
I always loved Fantastical 2 and now it's on my Apple Watch! Wow! I LOVE that too! The views are wonderful and I like being able to add events right on my watch . . . . very cool. With this new addition I might not need some of those reminder/calendar/to do apps I've been using on my watch. Great job, Flexibits!
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