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  1. J

    Editing Fantastical without using mouse

    Does anyone know how I can edit Fantastical without touching the mouse? I know the shortcuts they have but I want to be able to move up and down my tasks or events and edit their details without ever leaving the keyboard. It is such a great app that I can't believe they wouldn't make this...
  2. RedTomato

    Problems with Fantastical calendar

    I have Fantastical 2 for all my devices and I love it. But I have huge problems with Fantastical's natural language recognition on my iPhone. Almost every day I have to fight with it. Is there a way to deactivate natural language recognition for event titles? I've listed below some of the...
  3. TxWatch

    Apps Cannot add event with Fantastical on Watch

    I just purchased the Fantastical 2 App and I am not able to add an event from my Watch. I can bring up the Add Event screen using a long press and I can dictate a message. However, when I press done in the top right corner of the Watch App, the screen goes blank for several seconds and returns...
  4. mcvaughan

    Apps Fantastical

    Has anyone had any luck in getting calendars to show up on the Fantastical watch app? Tried re-installing and haven't had any luck.
  5. Analog Kid

    Fantastical 1 asking for iCloud password?

    I'm still using the original Fantastical on my Mac, not version 2. For some reason, Fantastical has started asking for my iCloud password. It's been so long since I've set it up that I don't remember if it needed it originally, but it's making a bit uncomfortable now. Isn't there an API...
  6. T

    Fantastical 2 and Apple Watch Reminders

    I think Fantastical 2 and it's native Watch app broke setting reminders via Siri on my Apple Watch. Can anyone with F2 and the Apple Watch app please install it and see if you have any issues with Adding reminders via Apple Watch Siri. See this post for more details...
  7. MacRumors

    Fantastical for iPhone Adds 3D Touch Support, Fantastical for iPad Gains Split-Screen Multitasking

    Flexibits today updated its popular Fantastical 2 apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch with support for a range of iOS 9 and iPhone 6s features. Fantastical 2 for iPad now includes split-screen multitasking support, letting it be used simultaneously with other apps with iOS 9's Slide Over...
  8. MacRumors

    Fantastical 2 for Mac Updated With New Features, Support for OS X El Capitan

    Fantastical 2 for Mac received a significant update today, adding support for OS X El Capitan and several interface tweaks to improve the Fantastical for Mac experience. Today's 2.1 update adds a huge list of new features that were requested by Fantastical 2 users since the app first launched in...
  9. MacRumors

    'Fantastical 2' for iPhone Gains Drafts, Japanese Localization

    Popular calendar app Fantastical 2 for iPhone was today updated to version 2.4, adding a useful new feature that allows users to create event drafts. With drafts, it's possible to start creating an event or Reminder and then swipe downwards to save it as a draft, setting it aside to multitask...
  10. StophMac24

    Fantastical Calendar Issues

    I have had Fantastical now for 2 weeks and on occasion, I'll have the watch and the phone both fail to notify me of a reminder or a calendar appointment. I have tested the issue with both calendar and fantastical on and with each one off while the other was on. I found that the native Calendar...
  11. MacRumors

    2015 Apple Design Award Winners Announced: Fantastical 2, Workflow, Crossy Road, and More

    Following today's Worldwide Developers keynote, Apple held an event to announce the winners of its prestigious Apple Design Awards. Apple's Design Awards are handed out each year and highlight a selection of the year's best apps available on iOS and Mac, honoring all kinds of apps from utilities...
  12. geoffm33

    Apps Fantastical 2 Updated - Apple Watch Support Added

    Here is a quick review I just read about the new Fantastical 2 update that adds Apple Watch support. My thoughts so far: • Great addition, I like the Fantastical glance better than the built in glance • There is no...
  13. MacRumors

    Popular Calendar App 'Fantastical 2' Now Available for Apple Watch

    As promised, Flexibits today updated Fantastical 2 for the iPhone to version 2.3, adding support for the Apple Watch. Fantastical 2's new Apple Watch app includes a list of all upcoming meetings and appointments, a list of Reminders, a Glance with quick access to a daily schedule, and the...
  14. MacRumors

    Popular Calendar App 'Fantastical 2' Coming Soon to Apple Watch

    Flexibits, the developers behind the popular Fantastical 2 calendar app for iOS and Mac, today released a teaser suggesting the app will be expanding to the Apple Watch in the near future. A new page on the Flexibits website reads "It's almost time" before transitioning over to the Apple Watch...
  15. R

    Fantastical 2 and Spaces/Mission Control

    Does anyone with Fantastical 2 have the issue where if you click on the icon at the menu bar from a different space, it switches you to the Desktop space? This never happened with v1 and the fact that this happens with v2 renders it pretty annoying to use :( Is this a feature or is there...
  16. P

    Should I buy Fantastical 2 in Mac App store/website?

    Hi, Any advantages/disadvantages of buying this app from MAS or the company's website? Their FAQ states something about discounts and MAS doesn't allow that. I might just buy from their site. Advantages/disadvantages? Thanks.
  17. shankar2

    Customize alarms in Fantastical app

    Hi, I have fantastical 2 the calendar app on my iphone 5s running 8.x The alarms that are default for events is very low and just a couple of beeps or so. Is there any way to customize the event alarms to some tone of your own? Kindly assist. Thanks!
  18. C

    BusyCal vs Fantastical 2 (especially multi-calendar support)

    As a mostly-satisfied BusyCal user on Mac since 2012, and a devoted Fantastical user on iOS, I was very interested to take the new Fantastical 2 for Mac (F2) for a spin. I have them both open side-by-side right now. I was particularly excited about the new 'Calendar Sets' feature in F2, since...
  19. MacRumors

    MacRumors Giveaway: Win a 'Fantastical' Bundle That Includes New Mac App, iOS and iPad Apps

    Flexibits launched Fantastical 2 for the Mac this morning, the long-awaited update to its popular calendar app for the Mac. To celebrate the launch, Flexibits has teamed up with us to offer 25 MacRumors readers a chance to win a Fantastical bundle that includes a copy of the new Fantastical 2...
  20. MacRumors

    'Fantastical 2' Launches for Mac With Yosemite-Style Redesign, Full Calendar Window

    Flexibits today launched the much-anticipated Fantastical 2 for Mac, a completely new app that overhauls the existing Fantastical for Mac app and introduces a long list of new features. Flexibits CEO Michael Simmons spoke with MacRumors about the new Fantastical 2 update for Mac, and he told...