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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by zubifunzone, May 8, 2015.

  1. zubifunzone macrumors newbie

    May 6, 2015
    What is your favorite PC Game and why you like it ?
  2. Washac macrumors 68020


    Jul 2, 2006
    I have no favourite pc game that cannot be played on a Mac or console, sorry.
  3. saturnotaku macrumors 68000

    Mar 4, 2013
    By definition a Mac is a P(ersonal) C(omputer).
  4. Dirtyharry50 macrumors 68000


    May 17, 2012
    Windows computers have been referred to as PCs for well over a decade and MS-DOS computers before that.

    Remember the "I'm a PC. I'm a Mac" television ads?

    I don't dispute your definition but the common vernacular is to refer to Windows computers as PCs and Macs as Macs.

    For example, if I was to post my PC specs on a Steam forum and a bunch of posts later reveal that my personal computer happens to be an Apple Macintosh I have no doubt I'd be asked why I did not indicate that in the first place, etc.
  5. soulsyphon macrumors regular

    May 3, 2014
    for me it would be a toss up between starcraft 2 and eve online.

    though i suck at starcraft 2, i used to be good in brood wars
  6. Even Longer macrumors 6502

    Even Longer

    Dec 12, 2012
    Head of a pin
    Heroes of Might and Magic series, especially II and III.
  7. antonis macrumors 68020


    Jun 10, 2011
    Best 2 games I've played so far on Windows, not available on OS X were:
    - Dragon Age: Inquisition
    - Dark Souls II

    Best game regardless platform, however, I think will be the one I'll be playing from 19th of this month, The Witcher 3, that will be released together for PC and Mac.
  8. Huntn macrumors P6


    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    Right now, it has to be World of Tanks-- 15min battles, 30 players, exhilerating action without a huge time commitment although I tend to spend hours on it at a time, I can break off anytime.

  9. nidhish1 macrumors newbie


    Sep 16, 2014

    I just love GTA and Saint Row franchise ... I still have Saint row4 on my PC.
  10. Irishman macrumors 68030

    Nov 2, 2006

    In addition, Mac Rumors provides posters the ability to specify Windows or OSX in its header. The OP of this thread chose Windows.
  11. Nightarchaon macrumors 65816


    Sep 1, 2010
    I would have to say, i have a few depending on my mood.

    Batman Arkham Asylum, -Story and perfect controls , voice acting etc.

    Mass Effect 1 and 2, perfect mix of story, action and exploration (3 was a train wreck except for the citadel expansion)

    Diablo 3, for those " i want to turn my brain off and kill stuff whilst watching tv" moments

    Oblivion and to a lesser extent Skyrim for those " i want to turn my brain off and kill stuff from the shadows with an arrow to the knee" moments

    Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic (Not Kotor), if i want an awsome single player RPG with lightsabers :D

    Kerbel Space Program, or "maths in space" for when i feel like i want a challenge.

    and every now and then, i fire up Demon Souls on the PS3 because , try as i might, i just don't like Dark Souls 1 or 2, but Demon Souls rocks.

    I guess i just dont have a "Favorite" game.. sometimes i even fire up Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, A link to the Past, Mario 64, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Blastcorps, the Haunting, Ghouls and Ghosts, Hellfire, Golden Axe or any of the other terrabytes of emulated games ive got installed... so many games, how can anyone have a "Favorite" lol

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