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    I'm considering purchasing FCP X to finally get to work editing my AVCHD files I've collected over the past couple of years. I have a Canon HF100 camcorder that I have been downloading files to my PC via the supplied Pixela software. The avchd files are standalone after import (pretty sure they're .m2ts).

    I've read a few places that FCP X requires the files to be organized in the original camera folder structure to be able to import them directly into the app. Is this correct (and if yes, does anyone know why is there this limitation)?

    If yes, is there a workaround without transcoding (e.g. to Prores)? Is there free software that can remux avchd files to quicktime and then imported?

    I haven't seen a good discussion of how to solve for this as FCP X is new, although I'd imagine this might be a common issue for folks...
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    From my understanding, you can "wrap" those .mts files to quicktime to skip transcoding, but you may deal with problems while editing. After trying to find an alternative for transcoding my Canon HF20 AVCHD files into .MOV, I just decided to go with it, I let it do its' thing overnight and it worked. Although for some reason, my 51GB of AVCHD files turned into 250-300GB of video files, so make sure you have the space, I'm a little ticked about that and I want to edit these files down soon so I can export and save only what I need, or make a backup onto DVD.
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    I have an HF10, and was ready to buy FcpX when I saw it did native AVCHD editing. I believe it's the way you do the import. Eiher direct through the camera, or archiving the SD card are the ways I thought it would handle it. If archiving the card, then you import from camera, and point to the file archive.

    Then again, transcoding to ProRes could give better results, but it depends on the particular project and what effects are used. Working off of AVCHD, FCP still needs to do some transcoding to allow a "frame accurate" edit.

    I'm very interested in other's experience working with AVCHD. I have FCE, and it would work, but only trancoded. So, I haven't done a lot with my video, yet. FCPX looked (on the outside) like my solution had arrived, but I'm still gathering research info before hitting 'buy'.

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