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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by goffredo, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. goffredo macrumors newbie

    Nov 28, 2009
    I'm in the market for a new Mac laptop for work, and I want to wait until a new laptop model is released because I'll be stuck with it for a long time. So I check the buyer's guide section frequently.

    It would be nice if I could subscribe to an RSS feed for one of the sections of the buyer's guide. For example, an RSS feed corresponding to the "Portables" section, or even to http://retinamacbookpro.macrumors.com/.

    As it is, the only feeds available to me seem to be All Headlines, Front Page, Mac Blog, iPhone/iOS Blog. The scope of the Mac Blog is too coarse: I don't care about Soundgarden playing at SXSW, and the new Apple store in Lansing, Michigan. I just want to know when there is news on the laptops.

    Any suggestions?

    Seems like kind of a common use case for the MacRumors buyer's guide so I wanted to suggest setting it up with feeds.
  2. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001
    What would you just in the feed. Just items that are tagged in each individual product feed?

  3. wesk702 macrumors 68000


    Jul 7, 2007
    The hood
    Seems convenient, but just viewing the buyers guide really isn't that difficult or cumbersome to do. It's fairly simple to just view the guide whenever shopping for a product.
  4. jlgolson Contributing Editor


    Jun 2, 2011
    Durango, CO
    Could set up a newsletter feed here too, actually.

    Check off the devices you're interested in and get an email (with affiliate links, natch) when they get updated.
  5. goffredo thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 28, 2009
    My personal use case would be to have a notification show up in my RSS feeds (or email, or whatever) when any item under the Portables section has transitioned to a "Just Updated!" state.

    I know this is quite fine-grained; a more coarse granularity would be to get a notification -- again, RSS feed or email or whatever -- anytime any item in the Buyer's Guide experiences any state transition. That is better than nothing.

    I agree with that statement. Manually checking my email isn't really that difficult or cumbersome to do either, but I much prefer to have a push notification as soon as a new email comes in. Technology enables profound laziness.


    Thanks for the discussions!

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