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    I am having a problem visualizing how to organize some files. And the Apple Associates aren't doing me any favors by saying "put them however you want". I guess what I want is someone to tell me how to do it!

    To begin, I have a dread of running out of space in my MacBook Air's SSD, not that I ever will. In my old Windows machine, I never approached running out of room, but the thought always bothered me.

    I have begun to digitize 35mm slides and have digitized some 8mm home movies. I wanted to file the 8mm in iCloud, thinking that I could look at them there (somehow) when I wanted to, and by putting them into iCloud save room on my SSD. So far I have only managed to get them saved on the Desktop.

    I am thinking that I will add the folder I have the movies in into the Movies file in Finder. Seems like a place I would be more likely to find them than Pictures. Reasonable idea?

    I would like to put them in the iCloud, but don't know how. And I am also confused as to the differences between iCloud and iCloud Drive, or are they the same thing? The idea of putting them into iCloud storage is for additional backup (on top of my external hard drive). Would like to know how to do that.

    Help/direction much appreciated!
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