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Jun 11, 2009
you can ping your iPhone from your watch, but you can't ping your watch from your iPhone. when watch os 2 came out, a lot of people didn't realize that you have to actually backup and erase and pair their apple watch to enable activation lock on their watches.

load the watch app
click on your apple watch
click on the I for info

if you do not see "Mark as Missing" then your activation lock on your apple watch is not enabled and you have to remove your watch and pair it again

watch os 2 also allows the Apple Watch to connect to known wifi networks , which are Wifi networks your iPhone connected to in the past , so you can do some limited stuff when your iPhone is either turned off or not available.

it will show connected with a square meaning its connected to your iPhone
it will show connected with a cloud if its connected to a known wifi network and the iPhone is not available

in cloud mode, the one thing i was not able to do so far is dictation on messages.

i didn't try it a lot, but i turned off my phone and left and went to the library and some coffee places and sure enough it was able to connect to wifi

you can't tell it to connect to a new wifi hotspot , it will just connect to ones that it knows about. since watch os 2 came out, the iPhone gives the watch its wifi secure keychain

the reason you can't locate it or do anything is because its locked when its off your wrist.

so the point of this long post is it is possible for apple to come out with a way to locate your watch when its either at your home or somewhere else.


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Mar 3, 2007
Mohave Valley Arizona
well youve learned quite a bit about the apple watch. interesting it will connect to WiFi without your iPhone being in range. i can kinda of imagine what you saying as to enable you to be able to find your watch with either you iPhone or computer. yeah because if it will connect to WiFi without you iPhone then way not be able to find it.


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Jun 11, 2009
watch cloud.jpg

when your iPhone is off, or no longer in range, and the watch is connected to a known wifi hotspot, this is the icon you will see


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Nov 7, 2007
New Sanfrakota
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