First Impressions From New HomePod Owners: Siri's Voice Detection is 'Phenomenal,' Audio Quality is 'Immediately Evident'

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    We've seen quite a few HomePod reviews from media sites that Apple invited to test the speaker, but now that the HomePod has officially launched in Australia, HomePod first impressions from regular Apple customers are now available.

    New HomePod owners on reddit, Twitter, and the MacRumors forums have been sharing their opinions on the device, and for those awaiting a HomePod of their own or considering purchasing, these comments from average consumers provide interesting insight.


    MacRumors reader ApeBot was one of the first to receive a new HomePod in Australia, and he said setting it up was "incredibly fast and easy with an iPhone." As for sound quality, it's "impressive" and "fills the room beautifully."

    When using "Hey Siri" with other compatible iOS devices around, the HomePod is the device that responds first, something that future owners HomePod have been wondering about. Since iOS 10, with multiple devices around, when you say "Hey Siri" your devices intelligently decide which one should respond, and it's no different with HomePod.

    Reddit user ghostinthelatrine offered to answer questions about the new HomePod, leading to some insightful discussion. He says the HomePod's sound "blows the [Sonos] Play 3 out of the water," and that Siri's voice detection is "phenomenal."

    Image via reddit user ghostinthelatrine​
    Using the HomePod as a speaker for the Apple TV was "surprisingly quiet," even at a high volume level, though the sound itself was described as "crystal clear." You can also use the HomePod with a Mac as an AirPlay destination from iTunes and it appears as an output device in the Sound settings.

    Another redditor shared a detailed list of initial impressions, and he too praised the HomePod's sound quality and the ease of activating Siri on the device.
    AirPlay also worked well from both iOS devices and the Mac, with the exception being AirPlaying content from the Overcast app. His other comments focused on the HomePod's design. The "size and heft" of the device were surprising, and the outer fabric is "soft, but firm."

    Image via Reddit user eats_midgets

    The top of the HomePod, where the touch controls are located, is glossy and smooth, and in a separate tweet, another new HomePod owner said this area is something of a fingerprint magnet.

    Multiple Twitter users also had thoughts to share on the HomePod, weighing in on everything from the device's sound to Siri to its power cable.

    On the MacRumors forums, upcoming HomePod owners have also listed some songs they'll be using to test out the HomePod's capabilities when it arrives, including "Hotel California" from The Eagles, "Prelude and Kiara" from Bonobo, "Hits and Exit Wounds" from Alabama 3, "Core" from Stone Temple Pilots, "Your Latest Trick" by Dire Straits, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

    Once the HomePod launches in the UK and the United States, our forums will be filled with HomePod users sharing their opinions and tips and tricks for using the new speaker. Make sure to check out our HomePod forum to share your thoughts on the new speaker, or post them here in this thread, and stay tuned to MacRumors because we'll have plenty of HomePod coverage both tomorrow and next week.

    Article Link: First Impressions From New HomePod Owners: Siri's Voice Detection is 'Phenomenal,' Audio Quality is 'Immediately Evident'
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    More like "Make sure to check out our dedicated HomePod forum that's also dedicated to HomeKit, CarPlay, Home & Auto Technology"
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    When you think about it, this is a high-end speaker featuring a smart assistant that hasn't been touched in 7 years. Now that's what I call half baked.
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    Good thing they’re pitching this a high quality speaker first and virtual assistant second, if at all.
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    Give me at least a line-in port? I know Spotify support is asking far too much, but sheesh.
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    New York.
    Hmmm idk. I think I would rather read reviews and opinions from people who haven’t listened to it nor have even seen 1 in person. There’s something about those posts that are sooo helpful.
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    Whatever you do macrumors.....make sure you only post positive’ll make all those who overpaid for a limited speaker feel better about themeselves.
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    Once again Apple continues to be great at industrial design but terrible at their own software.
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    I’m happy for the people for whom this fits, but for my wide range of devices that span much more than HomeKit currently offers, this is not a viable option.

    My home audio setup combined with Alexa does a stunning job already and I am unsure how it could be beat by the HomePod. I’m an enormous Apple fan, but in the home space, Siri and HomeKit feel like they are far behind a basic combination of Alexa, Ifttt, and a plethora of devices to go with those services.

    If there is no other point than an excellent speaker with Siri there to offer basic functions and Apple Music integration, then I understand, but for aaaaaaany other reason, I don’t believe this is the best option.
  12. BlargKing, Feb 8, 2018
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    Too bad it only works inside Apples suffocatingly small walled garden. If the audio quality is as good as people are saying I would happily buy one just for that, ignoring Siri, but you just can't play nice can you Apple? I'm sure theres a lot of audiophiles using Android who would have bought one too, but nope, only Apple hardware and Apple software.

    Honestly, even though I'm not particularly interested in home automation or digital assistants, Apple feels like they're 4 years behind everyone else. Theres tons of products that work with Google and Amazons offerings, often with cross compatibility, not to mention Google has a pile of free API's that work on inexpensive hardware like the Raspberry Pi, making home automation for the DIYer a dream and making 3rd party development a dream.

    I feel like Apples walled garden approach is going to really slow down the adoption rate and availability of Homekit compatible hardware and software, and Homekit might end up like Windows phone.
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    I'll happily post negative ones too, I just haven't seen any yet.
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    I suspect Apple will add other music services support folks... they probably ran out of time to just get the darn thing out the door.

    This is normal Apple procedure, Apple TV didnt have a lot of apps initially, heck iPod didnt have decent Windows support for a couple years (it was HORRIBLE before iTunes for Windows), iPhone didnt have copy/paste for how long?!
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    I cannot believe how often and on how many devices I've been caught by that box lid thing.

    I'd say "thanks," but I won't remember anyway. :)
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    What do you mean?
  17. Lidar macrumors member


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    It sounds like it’s off to a good start but I’ll wait until multi-user support is added.
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    Nice that the advanced beamforming technology employed is driving great first impressions from users.

    Encouraging. And I expect many more.

    Can't wait to pick mine up at the Stanford Apple Store tomorrow morning, take it home, and give it a whirl. I'll buy a second unit if I'm still stoked after a week of use.
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    Look forward to trying mine tomorrow! Overall the reviews seem pretty much spot on with what has been said earlier in the week.
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    I see comments like this all the time around here, but as far as Apple rumor and discussion sites are concerned, Macrumors is by far the most objective. I’ve seen a fair share of criticism posted here.

    Not sure why some people feel the need to diss it.
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    I wish I could thumb down your post...

    Or could it be that that is all there is, is good, positive reviews....??o_O

    In other words “I hate you all. I have built my castle upon this rock and I willn’t move it! I hope NONE of you are happy with the HP, because if you are and I see too much positivity, then I have to set aside to my pride and buy a HP!”

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    I’ll kick it off. Not completely negative (he liked the audio quality) but the NY Times experience was marred by Siri’s ineptitude. Yes, Apple’s marketing HomePod as “speaker first” but they can’t expect to incorporate Siri and then be given a pass on her embarrassing brainlessness. It’s truly incomprehensible how/why Apple keeps rolling out Siri everywhere while not making her smarter, even as the competition pulls away in this department.
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    Why do you care what people spend their money on? The more I see whining like this the more I know it’s just bugging the crap out of some people that this might actually be a good product.
    --- Post Merged, Feb 8, 2018 ---
    I think he was referring to customers not media reviewers.
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    Yeah I couldn’t bear to be stuck with my husband’s play lists and I’m sure he feels the same about mine.
  25. The Game 161 macrumors P6

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    10 hours until mine arrives. Can't wait to try it out :)

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