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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Architect4122, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Mar 2, 2007
    I know this is the MBP forum, and there is a dedicated MBA forum, but alot of us aluminum laptop fellas are thinking of either jumping ship, or having two comps.

    Well, I went to an Apple store today to play around with the the new MBA. And over all, I was disappointed. It never looked great to begin with but to see it in person and play with it, confirmed it.

    Let me say two things first. It IS VERY SLICK looking, and it is in fact quite light. Thats about where it ends. While slick looking, it definitely seems to break from Apples design family. While the weight is welcomed, the other side of that is it feels cheap. Its like a nice Digital SLR with magnesium alloy body. It may be a little hefty, but you know you have a solid camera. The trackpad and gestures. I was watching all to many people have a hard time trying to rotate pics, and the animation to zoom in and out was bumpy. I think while gestures could be good, its starting to require too much wrist movement. Just my take. Over all thats all I can say. I think the low clock speeds, and lack of graphics card, as well as storage speak for themselves. SSD? Sure, but not for $3000+.

    Its a god step of what MAY come out eventually, if they evolve the line. Otherwise, I'm not seeing this laptop as a successful product. Oh yeah, there are plenty of fan base folk who will lay down whatever cash amount (read: drop to their knees) to get a piece of Apple, but for the consumer who has been buying MacBooks and iMacs, tough sale I think.

    BTW, I have a MBP, and am thinking of purchasing a MacPro during the summer (hopefully for the "late" 2008 version) as a render machine. My work requires heavy power. So I acknowledge how the MBA will not meet my needs. Still...I just wasn't impressed.
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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I'll start out by saying the MBA won't be the primary computer for the majority of users. But, it IS designed for both. For many, the performance will be great - even as #1 computer (with the ext. SuperDrive, of course).

    We have plenty in house access for wireless printing, Time Machine backups, drive and screen sharing (from MBA), Remote Disk and Shared Drives from up to 3 sources, and Shared Screen from my MBP. All available to the MBA wirelessly. My wife will use the USB2 SuperDrive to play DVDs, mostly (if I haven't put them on the HD or USB Drive. Or, once in a while, rip a CD. So, for 99% of the time, it will be functioning wireless.

    Given the setup we have, our decision to replace my wife's aging PB DVI 667MHz with a 1.6/1.8 MBA seems absolutely perfect. We'll probably get the USB Superdrive for the occasional movie or cd rip. Oh, I do have a USB Floppy Drive, but that's rather quaint.

    Darn, I can't use my FW Zip drive. ;)

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