FIXED - Slow Boot Time with new Intel SSD - 2010 Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Desmo1098, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I just picked up a new 2010 8-core Westmere Mac Pro. In the meantime I ordered an Intel 120 GB SSD for my OS and Application drive. While I was waiting I started the machine using the standard drive that was delivered with the Mac Pro.

    Once I received the SSD I installed it in Bay 1 and did a fresh install of Snow Leopard. I moved the OEM drive that was in Bay 1 to Bay 3. I did not do anything to that drive. My intentions were to keep it as a mutli-boot system to test software on the HDD in Bay 3 while not polluting my SSD in Bay 1.

    Now I am done multi-booting and I have erased the OEM HDD in Bay 3 so it can be used for a backup drive. I have no other drives internal or external connected to my Mac Pro.

    The problem I am having is that when I restart or shut down and boot cold, the machine takes a little longer to boot from the SSD than I would expect. It is almost like it is still looking for the other HDD that had an OS on it, in Bay 3. I have another Mac Pro 6-core with an Intel SSD for OS and Applications and when I restart or shut down and cold boot it is loading a lot faster.

    Mind you, once I am in Snow Leopard the SSD is performing as expected.

    Any ideas?


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    Try searching the forums, the 3 things to do have been posted many times.
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    @jenzjen & gnasher729

    Thank you both... I followed both your suggestions and the unanimous suggestions were to try:

    System Preferences > Startup Disk

    I tried this and it worked, now it is fast as I expected.



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