Free service promises over 25 million iPod-compatible tracks

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Butthead, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Just check out the article on TheRegister. Quoting from it:

    So when the going gets weird, the weird get ad-funded. Even in the short, strange history of digital music, they don't come weirder than Qtrax, a music service that launched here at Midem in Cannes today. It's a marriage of two desperate industries – the music business, and the ad-supported web startup. To steal a phrase from Sun's Scott McNealy, it's like watching two garbage trucks colliding.

    They don't promise 25 million iPod-compatible songs. Or maybe they promise, but they have no idea at the moment how to make their songs iPod-compatible (except for making them DRM-free, which they don't want to do), so the number of iPod-compatible tracks available right now is zero. And they don't have 25 million songs. There are 25 million songs that they could distribute if they had them, but they don't have them. And they are not free: You, the listener, pay for this "free" music by enduring their advertisements.

    And the weirdest thing is, they found investors willing to spend $30 million.:eek:

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