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Feb 5, 2019
Not 100% sure if this is the correct thread for this. I recently picked up a mac pro 4.1 system. I flashed to 5.1, then updated to High Sierra and everything was good. I then installed a "flashed" Nvidia GT 640 card which has metal support to facilitate an upgrade to Mojave. With the original GT120 card I was using a mini display port to VGA adapter. When I switched to the GT 640, I switched to a DVI to VGA adapter (the 640 only has DVI, HDMI & a regular display port) This was working fine in High Sierra, but during the update to Mojave the screen went blank/black. I rebooted a few times and tried reseting the NVRAM, but no joy. Finally I tried hooking up the HDMI connection and that is working fine. To be clear I can see the boot up process just fine on the DVI to VGA adapter, but once the machine fully boots into Mojave, the DVI to VGA port just goes blank.

Anyone ever come across this case where the DVI port isn't working but HDMI is is Mojave? Or course it could be the DVI to VGA adapter, but that was working just fine in High Sierra (and still works while booting) seems weird that support for that adapter would just be dropped.


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Nov 29, 2018
Pueblo, CO
Not 100% sure if this is the correct thread for this.

Welcome to the forum's. Close, this thread is for non-flashed GT/GTX's but there may be someone that's more familiar with flashing their own GPU's than me in here. I believe this forum might give better results:

Also-My flashed 770 has periodic DP connectivity issues due the age of the card, sometimes I have to plug and unplug, and replug it a few times before it recognizes a new input; just recycled cards getting older. Keep your ports clean.

Try to read through it and see if your card has been brought up in the thread previously-your answer may already be written down. Best luck in your adventures with your new Mac.
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Nov 14, 2007


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Sep 19, 2012
Thanks! I was under the impression that NVMe boot also required Mojave on top of the boot ROM. But I guess the reason for that is that is installed in conjunction with Mojave (right?). :)

You do not need to install Mojave for the firmware. Just need to download then run the full installer. You will be prompted for a firmware update. The firmware update is basically separate from the Mojave install.

This is not the right thread for this discussion. Any further questions, please move them to this thread:
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Sep 20, 2018
Just read some opinion on Nvidia developer's forum:
Actually, the most recent Nvidia driver macOS released was a few weeks ago, January 24th. Here it is:

It's signed with Nvidia's developer certificate, meaning Apple has granted Nvidia's developer account for the permission to sign kexts. Apple does not sign up individual kexts / drivers, they simply enable the ability for a developer's certificate to sign kexts.

And just in case there is still any doubt, I actually checked how the kexts in that link were signed:

  1. $ codesign - d - vv / Library / Extensions / NVDAResmanWeb . kext
  2. Executable = / Library / Extensions / NVDAResmanWeb . kext / Contents / MacOS / NVDAResmanWeb
  3. Identifier = com . nvidia . web . NVDAResmanWeb
  4. Format = bundle with Mach - O thin ( x86_64 )
  5. CodeDirectory v = 20200 size = 53564 flags = 0x0 ( none ) hashes = 1668 + 3 location = embedded
  6. Signature size = 4746
  7. Authority = Developer ID Application : NVIDIA Corporation ( 6KR3T733EC )
  8. Authority = Developer ID Certification Authority
  9. Authority = Apple Root CA
  10. Signed Time = Jan 24 , 2019 at 12 : 25 : 18 PM
  11. Info . plist entries = 14
  12. TeamIdentifier = 6KR3T733EC
  13. Sealed Resources version = 2 rules = 13 files = 0
  14. Internal requirements count = 1 size = 188

It was signed by NVIDIA's developer certificate, and NVIDIA's developer certificate is signed by Apple's Developer ID CA. When an SSL certificate is signed by to CA, it means that that certificate can sign on its behalf. In other words, NVIDIA's signing certificate can code for Apple. This is not special or anything, this is what it looks like for any developer account with kext signing enabled. But I'm just saying, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever here - Apple has enabled kext signing on NVIDIA's certificate, it is still enabled as a revocation would be invalidate past signatures as well, rendering previous kexts no longer valid.

Apple is not blocking anything. Cryptographic signatures are not backed by human power. They are not backed by a higher power. They are backed by the highest power - mathematics. If God himself were to declare this to be invalid, then that would not be it.

It is still possible that Apple could be withholding access to certain closed-source parts of macOS that NVIDIA needs to finish drivers for newer cards. That is extremely unlikely, given that they are not withholding anything for every macOS prior to 10.14, and that they would go against their own best interests as a company.

Regardless, even if that is the case, that is very different from 'blocking' to a finished driver."
Any comments?
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Sep 19, 2012
Is it time to ask the mods to lock this thread and archive it? Still great information for anyone using macOS 10.8-10.13. Move these side discussions to an "NVIDIA on MOJAVE" thread or something more relevant. Officially unfollowing this one.


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Mar 30, 2012
Is it time to ask the mods to lock this thread and archive it? Still great information for anyone using macOS 10.8-10.13. Move these side discussions to an "NVIDIA on MOJAVE" thread or something more relevant. Officially unfollowing this one.

I think you're probably right, yeah. I don't use macOS anymore and aren't really maintaining the original list of FAQs.

Edit: I've reported my post to ask that the thread be locked, we'll see what the mods think.
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