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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Rocketman, Oct 23, 2010.

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    So Wimax and LTE V1.0 are not considered "4G" by the experts.

    Real mobile high bandwidth suitable for cloud computing is 2-3 years away.

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    I've seen here on Mac Rumors that the current prediction for the iPhone 5 is that it will not be 4G. We will end up waiting till 2012 when the standard is widely available.

    I will say when the day comes when we get 50Mbps+ down and 25Mbps+ up across the entire country on our cell phones will be life changing in terms of the capabilities and content we can have access to. :)
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    In the end, no one cares what the ITU says is 4G or not.

    They're the same United Nations agency that a decade ago claimed EDGE and 1XRTT were 3G... are you kidding us?... and later had to admit that no one else used that label for them. Not even the carriers.

    Now they're trying to stay relevant with talks about 4G labels, and again they'll be proven wrong.

    It's just a label, and the overwhelming mass of world customer perception and sales ads will steamroll over their attempted definition.
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    Whoa, nice.

    1 Gb per second when stationary, 100 Mb per second when highly mobile!

    I'm guessing the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 will be a must-have device once the Carriers roll out these networks.

    Puts a whole new spin on iPad version 3 (or iPad 4) as well... Sitting in a coffee shop with 1Gbps access to 10 Terabytes of Cloud storage will be sweet.

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